Food & Fitness Friday – My Post Baby Weight Loss 

I’ve already covered some of my weight loss techniques in my breastfeeding alongside weight loss post but I wanted to share the end result. 

When I was pregnant with Benjamin, I went up to around 12 stone. After I gave birth, I was around 11 stone and feeling very self conscious with how my body shape had changed during my third pregnancy. 

When I had Carly back in 2012, I went down to the lowest weight I’ve ever been mainly due to stress and unhappiness and, looking back, I looked a bit unwell. I had no intention of getting down to the weight I was then (nearing 8 stone), but I did want to get to 9 stone, and I wanted to do it before we got married, so I could feel confident in my wedding dress. 

As I have mentioned before, I read a brilliant book The Goddess Revolution just after I had Benjamin, and this actually really helped me to change my mindset towards losing weight and food in general. Instead of going about my weight loss as I had in the past and pushing myself quite hard, I took it a lot slower and I gradually lost the weight over time. 

I didn’t actually exercise properly until a few months ago. I didn’t feel up to it and I also struggled to find the time. I was demotivated and quite depressed. I spent a period of time feeling hugely upset, and I wrote a post about my 13 reasons why. This was my turning point. 

I realised that I hadn’t been helping myself and that by not exercising, I was actually hindering not only my weight loss but I was also making my depression worse. Exercise is known to produce serotonin, something which can help improve low mood and depression. 

Once I started exercising, I really got into it and I loved seeing results. I was still eating what I wanted to but, as I continued to lose weight, what I craved became healthier. I was toning up my stomach and feeling so much fitter and my mood showed a big improvement. 

I had some photos taken back in June for my body confidence post and I had some more taken today to show the change in my body since taking more control of my fitness. It’s not a huge difference, but I’m really happy with how my body is looking. 

I’ve spoken before about the Charlotte Crosby fitness DVD I use, and I would definitely recommend it. Some days it’s hard to motivate myself, but it’s so important to keep active and, for me, it’s made a huge difference. 

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