January Plans 

With all the generic resolutions for 2016 and summary of 2015 posts I’ve been doing this week I’ve not yet put up my plans for the month post. January is a long, hard month and I’ve tried to fit in a few plans to make that five week wait until payday just a little bit easier on me… 

9th January – Cinema Trip with My Mum and Sister 

We are going to see The Danish Girl and I can’t wait as I don’t spend anywhere near enough time with my mum, and the only time I see my sister is when we’re sweating it out at the gym. This will be a nice treat and the film sounds like a good one as well. 

10th January – Family Day with the Children

Ok, most weekends I do something with the children, but I wanted to make sure we did something that took more planning than a walk down to the park. With my job taking so much quality time with my children away from me lately, the time I do get to spend with them is precious and I want to make lasting memories with them that will help get me through the long, hard hours at work.

16th January – Engagement Shoot 

I didn’t realise how many people hadn’t heard of this.. I had thought it was quite common? And ok, I know we aren’t planning on getting married for another 2 years (boo!) but this shoot is with Ed’s friend who is a professional photographer and is going to come to Santorini with us to take our wedding photos (and celebrate with us as a friend too, of course). 

These photos will not only get us used to posing for the camera, and specifically, for his camera, but it is also a good opportunity to have some nice photos of us as a couple taken to use for our save the dates we are due to send out soon, after all, a wedding on a Greek island needs a little more warning than your standard uk wedding, there’s flights, accommodation etc for people to think about. I think this first wedding activity will also really help to make things seem a little more real as well. 

23rd January – Weekend Away with my Mum 

As a thank you for all the help with the children, I am taking my mum away to the Ageas Bowl Hilton in Southampton. The plan is to eat lots on Saturday and spend Sunday in the spa relaxing. Total bliss. 

31st January – Me Day 

As a treat for myself for reaching the end of the longest month ever (and just in time for payday), I plan on having a total treat day with some retail therapy and having my nails done. 

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