My Monthly Plans – January 

Wow, 2017 came round fast! January is fairly busy for us but not in the sense of a jam packed social schedule, more of a OMG we have 2 weeks until we move, how the hell are we going to fit everything in sense.. Which means we don’t have all the much planned for actual January, but here’s what we do have to look forward to this long, cold month… 

6th January – Up to County Durham 

So just 6 days into the new year and we are off on our first little adventure up to County Durham to visit my brother, his wife and their baby bump, yay! We are breaking up the journey this time round because ickle babies like Benjamin and long journeys in the car don’t mix… 

7th January – Sister in Law’s Baby Shower & Family Time 

The main reason for our visit is my sister in law Becky’s baby shower and I am so excited! I’ve been the only one having babies so far in our close family so it’s exciting for it to be someone else’s turn! I’m secretly hopeful baby will make an appearance this weekend so that we can meet her whilst we are up there. 

11th January – Benjamin’s 12 week Immunisations 

Just a few days prior to moving date and Benjamin is going to be all grumpy and feeling poop from his 2nd lot of jabs, not well timed! 

14th January – Moving Day 

I am so stressed but so excited to be moving back towards my mum and Cameron’s school. It’s been a big weight on my shoulders for the past few months so will be nice to relax once we are all moved in. 

End of January – My Niece is Due! 

At some point towards the end of the month my niece will be born and we will be planning the long journey back up to County Durham so that I can have baby girl snuggles and my three can meet their baby cousin – so adorable! 

Do you have any nice plans for this month? 

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