Food & Fitness Friday – Why I Won’t Beat Myself up for Over-Eating 

So if you follow me on social media, you may have seen that last weekend, only a few days after posting my fitness goals for 2017 I then went to a baby shower and for a family meal up in County Durham.

In the past I might have beaten myself up for overindulging on the sausage rolls or for the extra glass of wine I drank with dinner, but after reading the Goddess Revolution where the message is to love your body and to live in the moment (something I really want to do in 2017), I won’t let what I would have previously viewed as a ‘slip up’ to spoil my weekend or my happiness.

The weekend was lovely. Being a 7 hour journey away from my brother sucks so it’s always nice when we do get to see each other, and this visit was extra special as it’s the last time we will be visiting them as a couple before their beautiful baby daughter arrives.

I have no regrets for the cupcake I consumed at the baby shower but I’m pleased with myself for not finishing it as it was making me feel sick. Usually I would have just carried on and felt ill afterwards but I now know to listen to my body and ultimately that is what I want to do, enjoy food and not eat too much junk, but also not to punish myself when I do.

Life is for living and enjoying and I very much enjoyed my hunters chicken – it was delicious!

If you’re up in County Durham I would highly recommend The Church Mouse pub.

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5 thoughts on “Food & Fitness Friday – Why I Won’t Beat Myself up for Over-Eating 

  1. Leanne Cornelius (@CorneliusBlog)

    I’m glad you had a good time and managed to relax and enjoy the food!


  2. Lynne

    The food looks so good. I don’t beat myself up either anymore. As long as it’s in moderation it’s cool in my opinion. Hope you had a lovely time x


  3. Emily

    That food looks SOOO good at the end. Glad you had a lovely time lovely, how did you find the car journey? We’re making a 5 hour one In a few weeks xxx


    1. evenangelsfall89

      Thanks 😊 it wasn’t too bad to be honest. It’s 7 hours in total. On the way we stopped halfway and stayed overnight. Benjamin went ok for 2 hours and we stopped to feed him and then went the last hour. Then we went for 4 hours in the morning and he slept through. On the way back we just stopped once halfway for food where he was fed. He did get a little upset on the last stretch but we couldn’t stop and he went back off to sleep. So not too bad. Just schedule a stop or two and you should be ok x


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