My Happy Place 

Ok so my absolute number one happy place is in fact Disneyland… However, that’s a bit far away and out of reach when you’re as poor as me. So I make do with my second happy place, the beach, which I’m luckily located just a short drive away from #lovewhereilive… 

Last night I reached a very low point and unfortunately sleep didn’t cure all. I woke up and struggled to even make it out of bed and into the shower. 

Sundays are our only ‘family’ day as I work on Saturdays. When Ed asked me what I wanted to do, I found myself saying a walk by the beach. 

The weather was fairly grey when we started out, but brightened up enough that we even ended up treating ourselves to an ice cream and Ed and the kids had a paddle in the sea. 

One of the reasons I love the seaside is that it’s hard to be stressed there. You just close your eyes and everything just drifts away. 

Living so close to the sea (Ed and I both work at hotels literally on the seafront) I think sometimes it’s easy to take it for granted and you actually end up not visiting it as much as people from further away do. 

I will be making sure we visit the beach more in future, and when the baby comes I can take him for walks in his pram along by the sea to help blow away the cobwebs after long nights of no sleep. 

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