5 Things – Bloggers Who Inspire Me 

You may have noticed that my Food & Fitness Friday series has been struggling a little lately. I love food, and I do enjoy keeping fit, but I found that I was trying too hard to think of something to write about each week for that topic and so I decided rather than to stop it entirely, I would add in a new feature for Fridays where I discuss 5 things each week. This will allow me to post things I want to write about each week. 

To kick this off, I wanted to share with you 5 bloggers who inspire me. 

Hannah – Hannah Gale 

With a background in journalism, Hannah gave up a job in magazines, moved away from London and started up her blog full time and I for one am very glad she took that risk. It more than paid of. Hannah’s writing is absolutely incredible and as well as an army of loyal followers, including myself, Hannah’s talent has also been recognised by the likes of Cosmopolitan and Blogosphere magazines, with Hannah recently gracing the front cover of the latter in a Demi Moore-esque shot. 

Hannah’s awards are stacking up but she still keeps it real on her blog and social media, talking to her readers like old friends, and sharing the lows as well as the highs including her mental health battles. 

Currently in the third trimester of her pregnancy, and about to become a mum for the first time, I’m very excited for this next chapter of Hannah’s life (in a non stalker way of course). 

Gemma – Gemma Louise 

I first came across Gemma on Twitter when we were both heavily pregnant last autumn. Gemma’s little boy Reuben was born only a few days before Benjamin and seeing her baby photos on my feed had me so excited. 

Since then, I’ve followed Gemma’s journey through her first year of motherhood and have a lot of respect for her. Being a single mum can be tough but Gemma has taken it all in her stride and her photos and instastories show how much love Reuben has from his mummy. 

On top of that, Gemma’s photography is absolutely amazing. Her flat lays are gorgeous and have me pushing myself harder to improve my own photography skills. 

Alison – Not Another Mummy Blog 

I first met Alison years ago when I was a fan of More Magazine, which she worked for at the time. We ended up having children only days apart from each other, and I’ve always looked up to Alison and admired her writing, which is quite different in style to my own. 

I recently got to meet Alison again, at Blog Camp on Board, and I will admit I felt a little like a fan girl when Alison had a chat with me about the old days. Apparently the magazine staff used to refer to us as ‘Moreos’ *cringe*. 

Although Alison is incredibly successful, gets to hang out with celebrities on a daily basis for her Podcast, as well as being pals with The Unmumsy Mum herself (so jealous), she remains totally down to earth and always seems eager to share her knowledge with other bloggers in Facebook groups. Such an inspirational woman. 

Chloe – Lady Writes Blog 

Chloe spoke to me recently on Twitter and said she remembered me from when I used to write my old blog. Having got to know her a bit better over social media, I am totally in awe of her. Working in PR alongside her own blog, with a newborn baby, Chloe doesn’t do things by halves. She’s also recently launched her own business – Letter Writes, keeping herself occupied during maternity leave! 

Chloe’s Instagram feed is incredible, and she has a way with words which makes me want every single makeup product she writes about. 

Kirsty – Kirsty Dee 

I met Kirsty when I started attending her exercise classes after having Cameron. After I had Carly I went back and we became closer when we ran charity events together. When Kirsty stopped her fitness classes, I was gutted, but I am so proud of all she is achieving now. She is the first to put her hands up and admit that grammar isn’t her strong point, and yet she works hard to overcome this. 

Her blog, and social media, focus on wellbeing and self love, and although this lifestyle isn’t necessarily one I follow, I find her writing to be inspiring and uplifting no matter whether she’s talking about meditation or more hard hitting topics such as childhood abuse. 

Kirsty motivates me to push myself harder and to write about what I’m passionate about, rather than simply following the crowd. 


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