Pregnancy Diary – 24 weeks 

So I’m nearing the 6 month mark now and I’ve started getting the pregnancy symptoms I really don’t like, namely heartburn and acid reflux. The other night it was so bad that I ended up having to sleep sat upright, something I did all too often when pregnant with Carly. 

I’m also getting some aches and pains in my lower back and definitely feel like I waddle more than walk these days. 

I’m still planning on working up until my due date, but this week has been so stressful at work that I’m doubting myself. I don’t want to end up going to labour in the hotel! 

I have my 25 week midwife appointment next week so I will be filling out my maternity forms and making a decision on when I’ll be taking my maternity leave after that. 

I’ve joined a homebirth Facebook group and have been reading people’s posts on their homebirth experiences. I definitely think I’ll be hiring a birth pool as I don’t like the sound of a birth without one at home. 

I joked to Ed the other night that I’ll be watching Breaking Bad during labour, but to be honest, that’s one of the main things attracting me to having a homebirth – I’ll be in my own surroundings and able to watch my favourite shows to take my mind off the pain. As the birth comes ever closer I am almost looking forward to labour. Yes, it’s painful, but it’s so, so worth it and quite empowering. 

I’ve been feeling some very powerful movements from baby lately, he especially enjoyed his cinema trip earlier this week and wouldn’t stop kicking me during the film. 

Cravings wise I’m not feeling anything too strong, although I’m loving sweets in general lately when I’ve not really been a big fan of them before. I also still love my Mcdonalds smoothies, although today I bought a fresh orange and mango juice drink from asda and that seemed to go down equally as well. 

I finally bought myself some maternity jeans that actually fit me along with a maternity black t shirt, wireless bra and size 20 jumper (there is no way it’s that big), so I actually had a full outfit I could wear out to the cinema on Wednesday. I also have some new pj bottoms as I love to get straight into my comfy clothes when the kids and I get in each afternoon. 

16 weeks to go! 

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