Creating a Work Environment which Works for Me

This month marked an important milestone for me. I started freelance work for a company, and registered as self employed.

The shift from stay at home mum, to working from home hasn’t been too momentous, as I had already set up an area of my house as an office to work on my blog.

Although my freelance work is largely social media, and can be done anywhere, I do try and stick to working at my desk as I feel it puts me in the right frame of mind, and I can concentrate much better.

When I heard about the #MyWorkingWorld campaign, an initiative by Slater and Gordon Lawyers, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to share with you my working environment and how I am finding the transition back into the world of work.

Everything to Hand

Working from home, it can be incredibly easy to get distracted. If I move away from my desk I find myself ‘just’ doing several menial tasks around the house, before coming back to my work.

In order to minimise the chance of this happening, I keep everything I might need to hand, whether that is my rather large collection of notebooks, a drink, snack or my mobile phone.

If I have everything around me, I have less of an excuse to leave my desk until the work is done.

Neat and Tidy

I am awful at keeping the house tidy. With three young children, it just isnt feasible to always have a tidy, clean house.

However, I do try and keep my desk area nice and decluttered, as it helps me to focus on my work, and let’s face it, a tidy desk also looks much nicer than one overrun with paperwork.

It also means that if I need to find something, I can quickly and easily.

Natural Daylight

My desk space is in front of a window, with lots of natural daylight.

This is of paramount importance to me, as I really struggle to stay motivated when it’s dark and gloomy, preferring to curl up on the couch with my phone.

I also find that it keeps me feeling upbeat and positive whilst working.

Close to a Powersource

I use my MacBook and iPhone a lot whilst working throughout the day, and if there is one thing Apple products are known for, it’s their rather short battery life.

I have an extension cable running alongside my desk, with power cables for these, and a table top lamp for when I’m working outside of daylight hours.

Bright and Cheerful

There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk and feeling demotivated, fed up and frustrated.

I have added in some bright and bold items to my working space to help keep me feeling positive and on the ball.

Personal Touches

My desk is nice and white, but to avoid my workspace from being too clinical, I have added in some personal touches.

As I use the space to double up as a dressing table, I have a couple of skincare products and my makeup brushes to hand, and I also have my Create Gift Love social media block to keep me motivated.

Do you work from home? How do you organise your workspace to stay motivated?

This is a collaborative post, however all opinions and photos are my own.

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9 thoughts on “Creating a Work Environment which Works for Me

  1. Heather

    I currently work from home too and it is so easy to be distracted but having a home office helps me x


  2. Lady Writes

    I work from home too and our dining room doubles up as my work space. We don’t have a lot of room so it’s hard to feel like I can concentrate sometimes! x


  3. Gemma

    My workspace = the kitchen table or the sofa depending on where is best to watch a toddler whilst getting on with it 😂


  4. Joyce Lau

    I don’t work from home but I’m the type of person to take home work with me 😂


  5. Little Miss Mel

    I’d love a work space for blogging, I definitely don’t feel as productive at the dining table.


  6. Prettiful Blog

    I really need to sort out my blogging work space, even though it is only for the weekend. I do have a room for props and stuff though 😛


  7. Charlotte Lane

    Your desk looks fab! I love the additions of brightly coloured bits and it’s soo important to have a light and airy space, it definitely helps with motivation xo

    Char |


  8. Chloe

    I totally agree that it can be easy to get distracted when working from home but I actually prefer it 100%. I think a nice and tidy work space with minimal distractions and great tunes works very well for me! xx


  9. shelley

    loving that cactus pen holder!! love how colourful your desk is


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