Mummy Mondays – Why Working from Home Works for Me 

Recently, whilst on my maternity leave, I handed in my notice at work. I’ve mentioned before how hard a decision this was for me, and that perhaps it might not have been my first choice had childcare not been an issue. 

However, having had a few weeks to reflect, I’ve come to terms with my situation and, although still lonely during the week, I’m feeling a lot more positive about the new direction my life is taking. 

I’ve worked in the events industry for the past few years, and although I think I’ll always enjoy planning events, I had lost some of my passion for the job and it was no longer right for me. 

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to write. I wrote my first short story as a child and I was hooked from the start. Like a lot of people, I kept a diary for most of my teens, and when I reached my twenties I took to writing a blog instead. 

Ever since I’ve loved to document my thoughts, feelings and random ramblings on my little corner of the internet and as I’ve continued to keep up blogging, my passion for writing has grown stronger. 

During my maternity leave I decided to focus on my blog, I worked hard at improving my photography skills, investing in a new camera and lens and attending a day course on basic camera skills. I also set myself a proper posting schedule and I work hard to stick to it. I’ve also really enjoyed collaborating with brands over the past year and I’m excited for what the future will bring for the blog. 

Although it can be demoralising when social media algorithms and game playing can make growth seem impossible (I wrote about my issues with sites like Instagram previously), I recently looked properly into my stats and realised that actually I have improved dramatically over the past year. 

I’ve decided to stop looking at the negatives of working from home, instead focusing on the many positives including being around for the kids. I’m looking forward to 2018, and I am really excited about taking further steps to make blogging my full time career. 

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