Mummy Mondays – Why I’m Encouraging my 7 Year Old to Take my Photos

You may have seen, because I do keep banging on about it, that my eldest son has, for a few months now, been taking my style post photos.

What started as a desperate move after Ed didn’t get home from work in time, has grown into something more as Cameron seems to have a real talent for taking photos.

Using my Olympus Pen E-PL8, Cameron mainly points and shoots, but he seems to have an eye for it, often instructing me to move around our garden, which is the location for the shoots currently, and suggesting I turn to either side.

He loves taking the photos, especially when he hears so many positive comments when I post them to social media. I have started paying him a small amount per shoot, as I feel he deserves it – he takes better images than Ed does!

The main reason I will continue to ask him to take photos for me is because it is doing wonders for his self confidence. Cameron has always been quite an awkward child, shying away from social situations which put him on edge, and he doesn’t make friends easily.

Apart from Minecraft, he hasn’t had a lot of hobbies, and I think working on his photography will give him purpose, and help him to channel his creativity. I will never push the children to carry on with something they aren’t enjoying, but for now Cameron is really loving the one on one time with me, as well as seeing his work displayed on my blog.

If he is taking photos of this quality at seven, I think he shows real promise for a future in photography, should this be the path he chooses!

I want to move our shoots to other locations, as I feel the photos are very similar with the same backdrops.

This will be our next challenge, and one I am looking forward to sharing with him.

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10 thoughts on “Mummy Mondays – Why I’m Encouraging my 7 Year Old to Take my Photos

  1. Chloe

    Cameron is honestly incredible at taking your blog photos; it has a real eye for it! You also look stunning in these pictures Emma! xx


  2. Joyce Lau

    This is so darn cute!! I remember the time I asked my brothers to do it for me 😂


  3. Lady Writes

    I think it’s a great idea to encourage him to help you – we did the same with Josh as he got a small camera for Christmas and he loves it! x


  4. Prettiful Blog

    Wow, so talented! Definitely nurture that skill!


  5. shelley

    I love that you’re working together. it’s great for bonding as it’s obviously making him happy too.


  6. Gemma

    This is so cute!! What a fab little job for him x


  7. Little Miss Mel

    These are fab photos!! He definitely does have an eye for it.


  8. Charlotte Lane

    He is doing soo well and it’s amazing that it’s helping his confidence too! Love these photos 🙂 xo

    Char |


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