Mummy Monday – How I Utilise my Time with a Newborn 

Baby Benjamin is almost 3 weeks old and I’ve finally started feeling like I’m getting the hang of this 3 children thing. It helps that Cameron is at school and Carly is still at nursery 3 days a week. I’ve worked out how to make the most of my time now there’s a new little one around and thought I would share for any other new mums who are feeling they never have a spare minute to themselves. 
Catch up on Box Sets whilst Feeding 

A week into having a newborn I made the decision to sign up to Netflix… What a gamechanger. Ed and I have been binge watching American Horror Story from the beginning in the evenings and during the day when I’m pinned to a chair feeding Benjamin, I’m able to log in on my phone, iPad or laptop and have a watch of something to pass the time. I would definitely recommend Netflix to other new mums if you don’t already have it, plus you get a free month trial to see if it’s for you. 

Schedule Blog Posts during Nap Times 

I generally have a big scheduling session on a Sunday as Ed is off work, the kids don’t have to be anywhere and we can all just generally chill out more. I do seem to be fitting some blog writing in during the days as well now when Benjamin has fallen asleep on my chest and I’ve had a sudden burst of inspiration for a post. 
Meal Plan in Advance

I’ve mentioned previously that I meal plan for each week to keep food costs down and wastage to a minimum, but planning meals in advance also helps me have more time to spend on other things. Each day I know what dinner I’m cooking that evening, I don’t need to think about it or shop for anything, it’s all ready to go when I am. 

Get your Makeup Routine Down 

This is something I mastered back when Carly was a baby. With young children there’s not much time to make yourself look good, but I refuse to stop wearing makeup just because I’m a mum. I managed to get my daily makeup down to just a few minutes. I usually lay Benjamin down next to me and he’s quite content looking around whilst I apply like a pro and look slightly less zombie like for the school run. 

Catching up on Social Media during Night Feeds
Ok, so in the middle of the night you can’t necessarily interact with others (unless they happen to be other new mums who are up for the same reason as you). I have found I can catch up on Facebook during the night when I need to keep myself awake. I need to start scheduling tweets as a lot of people provide reading material for people just like me, awake at all hours of the night and searching for anything to read to keep their eyes open. 

Walking with the Pram as Exercise 

It’s not advised to start exercise properly until after your 6 week GP check but in the meantime I’ve been doing walks with the pram, mainly around the shops (it is Christmas shopping season after all), but I’m planning on some regular beach walks to get me back into shape slowly but surely. 

Going Back to Bed during the Day 

It’s taken me three babies to finally listen to the advice of ‘sleep when they sleep’. Obviously sometimes this just isn’t possible, especially with two other children to care for. However, now we’ve settled into a routine, I’ve come to realise that if I’m exhausted, if I’ve had a bad night and am feeling rundown, it’s much more beneficial for everyone if Benjamin and I just head back to bed for a couple of hours on a Monday or Friday when both kids are at school/nursery. 

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