Foodie Friday – Healthy Eating – Simple Steak 

This week marks the start of me actually following my healthy eating plan I blogged about last week. It’s been tough, especially when I’ve had not much sleep and I’m rushing around in between Benjamin’s feeds, but I’ve made an effort to stop snacking on junk and to start cooking healthily again. 

One of our go to meals is what we refer to as simple steak. It’s pretty straightforward, we cook steaks and add sautéed onion, courgette and peppers. Et voila, a simple meal that’s quick and easy to prepare, even with a newborn. The iron from the steak is great for while I’m breastfeeding too. Occasionally to mix it up a bit I’ll slice the steak and add some spice. 

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    Ah we can keep each other motivated ☺♥


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