My Resolutions for 2016 

Every year I write down my resolutions and every year inevitably at least half of them have failed before January is even over. Instead of vowing to go to the gym every day of the week or saying goodbye to my friend Prosecco, I have a few things I am determined to achieve in 2016

1. Spend more time with my kids

Having been working 12 hour shifts lately, I have not spend anywhere near enough time with the children and that is definitely going to change. I want to be able to work whilst also sharing in my children growing up. They are more important than anything else.

2. Move into our family home

We were planning to move when my tenancy ended in December but things were just way too hectic. I’m on a rolling tenancy now and the plan is to move in February when everything is a little calmer in other aspects of our lives. I cannot wait!

3. Spend more time writing

This is important to me. Writing is something I love. With my depression, I struggle to find pastimes I enjoy but this is something that not only helps me to de-stress, it’s also something I am proud of. I want to be able to blog more and finally start writing the book I’ve been planning for years.

4. Take better care of myself

I am awful at this. With working so much I haven’t exercised in weeks, I sometimes forget to take my makeup off, I have stress spots on my chin, I’ve even missed pills. 2016 is all about looking after me and making sure I am the best version of myself I can be. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling amazing from the inside out.

5. Make more plans with friends

I hate that I have not had any time for friends in 2015. Making friends again with a close friend I had fallen out with this year has made me appreciate friendship. I have lost a lot of friends over the years. I don’t want to risk losing the ones I have left. I will be making plans and sticking to them.

The main theme here is making time for myself. This is my number one aim and I am so determined to succeed, I am already working on this prior to January 1st. Wish me luck!

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