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Just over a week after giving birth, I’m just about getting used to the sleepless nights, feed and change patterns and chance of being peed on that comes with becoming a mummy again. The following products have been helping me function. 

Unfragranced Body Wash 

As I’m breastfeeding, I have a seperate body wash to Ed which is completely fragrance free. This is to prevent my natural scent from being masked, which is important for baby to breastfeed in the early days. It’s also sensitive enough to use all over the body. 

Repairing Conditioner 

Post partum hair is not pretty. I’m lucky that at the moment I’m not losing my hair, but it is very tangled and knotty, and every time I get in the shower I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle. I’ve taken to using a repairing conditioner to try and combat this. 
Radox Bath Salts 

There’s a reason it’s called labour, it totally takes it out of you. I’ve been feeling exhausted. Although not one for baths usually, needs must and these salts help to make you feel a new person. 

Sanitary Towels & Fragranced Bags 
After the initial heavy blood loss which can only be dealt with using the giant maternity pads (they’re so sexy), normal sanitary towels can help you feel less like you’re wearing a nappy. Even if you’re a tampon girl, like me, it’s not advisable, or comfortable to be shoving anything up there so soon after birth, so I’ll be opting for some comfy towels for the weeks following birth. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer 

Waking up every few hours for the night feeds are taking it out of me and my eyes look a little like I’m wearing Halloween makeup when I get up each day. To combat this, I’ve been using extra concealer to ensure I don’t scare baby Benjamin or anyone else I come into contact with. I’ve also broken out in tonnes of spots on my chin since giving birth, most likely down to the change in hormones, and this concealer has been helpful in covering them up as well. 

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