Bidding a Fond Farewell to 2015

I try and live life with no regrets, so much so that my very first tattoo was of this phrase… For this reason, when I reach the end of a year, I attempt to look back on everything that happened in a positive way. Everything that happens to me leads me to where I am now, and where I will be in the future, and for that reason I wouldn’t change a thing. With this in mind, I wanted to look back on the highs and lows of 2015 for me, before bidding it a fond farewell and embracing this new year and all the challenges and amazing things it will hold… 

January 2015- Ed and I started off the year with a Zipwire- it was my second time and I loved it 

January 2015 – I ended up in A&E due to unexplained stomach pains, which nobody could explain but abruptly ended when I finished working with my manager a few months later leading me to believe it was stress

February 2015 – My annulment was finalised. It was a huge weight off but also a bittersweet moment. The most important thing to me was not bringing the kids up in an unhappy home so for that reason alone I knew I had done the right thing. 

February 2015 – Ed surprised me on Valentine’s Day with a horse ride in the new forest. It was amazing! 


March 2015 – I arranged for a bridesmaid pre-hen hen in Bournemouth for my sister-in-law Becky 

April 2015- Ed surprised me with a weekend away in Bath to celebrate my birthday (as he was away for my actual birthday). It involved shopping trips, lots of yummy food and drink, a wine tasting and a day in the thermal spa – amazing!


May 2015- My actual birthday, although not spent with Ed, was also pretty amazing. I stayed in a hotel with my mum before coming home to be pampered in a beauty salon and going for a delicious meal at my favourite restaurant with the kids and my sister. 

May 2015 – I left my job as wedding coordinator, which I loved. This led me into a deep depression and I went back on antidepressants as a result 

May 2015- I was maid of honour at my brother’s wedding in County Durham. It was a beautiful day and I’m very proud of him (the official hen just before was also pretty fun with a Disney themed fancy dress) 

June 2015 – I celebrated Ed’s birthday by making him a cake, followed by a bar/pub crawl 

July 2015 – Ed and I took a trip to Devon for the weekend and stayed in a beautiful grade 1 listed Manor House with a roll top bath in our bedroom. It was lovely to escape from everything.

July 2015- I started my new job working for a preopening of a hotel in the events office. 

July 2015 – Cameron ‘graduated’ from nursery ready for big boy school in September! 

August 2015- Ed surprised me by asking me to marry him with a treasure hunt style proposal ending up at my favourite restaurant where he got down on one knee with a beautiful ring. 

August 2015 – We had two engagement celebrations, one for friends and one for family 

September 2015 – Ed, the kids and I went to Majorca just before Cameron started school. Despite a couple of disasters (the weather at one point was awful and Carly got chicken pox whilst we were out there, meaning we couldn’t do that much in the company of others and were a little concerned we wouldn’t make it home), it was a lovely trip. We had gone all inclusive so there was a lot of food eaten, and some relaxing times spent around the pool. 

September 2015- Cameron started school and then a week later he celebrated his 5th birthday – exciting times. 

September 2015 – Ed and I went to the National Wedding Show in London which was really fun and we met a wedding planner specialising in weddings abroad. It was great to discuss our Santorini wedding in more detail. 

October 2015 – My sister Megan and I finally had our matching tattoos done. 

October 2015 – Ed, our friend Sarah and I went to a Fall out Boy gig. Sadly I was tired from work, had a pint of wine and managed to fall asleep standing up during the performance somehow… Not good! 

October 2015- I had my hair cut short – it was a brilliant decision and gave me confidence and a fresh style 

November 2015 – A firework display Ed, the kids and I were at went horribly wrong when the fireworks fell over and headed straight for us. The gathered crowd ran into the house and most managed to get away unharmed. Ed and a lady were hit. It was so scary and dramatic. 

 November 2015 – An amazing family trip to Disneyland Paris to celebrate my mum and Carly’s birthdays came to an abrupt end when the Paris terror attacks happened. It was so awful to be there at such a terrifying time. The parks were closed but we tried to keep a happy face for the children who didn’t understand and managed to go out for a meal in Disney Village which remained open for my mum’s birthday.   

December 2015 – Christmas party with my new old bestie. I made up with an old friend and celebrated with a Christmas party which featured lots of Prosecco 

December 2015 – Ed and I enjoyed a trip to London for shopping and Winter Wonderland


December 2015 – A hugely stressful month at work meant I had barely seen the kids or Ed. It was amazing to spend Christmas Day with family. 

December 2015 – For New Year’s Eve, Ed and I started off at a charity event but at last minute decided to surprise my family by going to the pub they were at. I also made a plan to ensure 2016 involved spending much more time with them all. Here’s to the next 12 months! 


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