Falling Out of Love with Social Media

I don’t usually hesitate before writing blog posts. I have shared the majority of my life online for so long that I’ve become accustomed to just sitting and typing without much prior thought but, as the title suggests, this post is somewhat contradictory to that way of living and it is what made me stop and think before writing down my thoughts.

The thing is, I’ve become so used to sharing so much with the internet that it seems unfathomable to imagine stopping. This isn’t a post announcing the end of this blog, not at all. I love to write and this gives me the outlet I’ve always wanted to have my words read. I love blogging, I love being able to earn an income doing what I love. But that doesn’t mean I love every aspect of blogging and the social media lifestyle that comes hand in hand with sharing your life online.

Recently I’ve spoken to people who, for whatever reason, keep their life offline. They don’t have social media or they rarely use it, preferring to keep interactions with friends and family in the ‘real world’. It’s made me stop and consider the amount I share of my own life, and the fact that I find it impossible to switch off completely without feeling some element of guilt or fear that people simply won’t care if I have gone from their feed. And that makes me feel very sad, that that’s my thought process.

I’m so used to sharing everything online that even whilst out at the beach today I was focused on taking photos of the pretty landscape, not for me, but for Instagram, to share an insight into my life that nobody asked for or needs, just because that’s the done thing.

Instagram, and social media in general, is a highlight reel of people’s lives. Although some share the lows alongside the highs, generally you don’t focus on the negatives and it can make you feel like your own life isn’t as glossy and colourful as everybody else if you consume this too much.

Twitter is a platform which I can’t get into. It seems that all I ever see on there is negativity. Everybody seems to be offended about something that somebody else has said, and I can feel it affecting my mental health every time I find myself dipping into that environment. I recently discovered an anonymous dating blog account on Twitter and the woman was being torn apart for what she had shared. Another blogger left the internet, the website she had worked hard to build and the social media following many would be in awe of, after feeling she couldn’t come back from a past mistake. If I’m honest, I felt like doing the same at the time.

I don’t know where this post is going. Like I say, I’m not going anywhere, I still want to blog and share my thoughts and feelings online. But perhaps it is also feasible to take a small step back from the social media side of things. Perhaps it is possible for me to live more of my life offline than online. I know that I don’t want to reach the end of another decade and feel I missed out on living life whilst making sure I documented it for the ‘gram’.

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