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Do you remember at the start of lockdown, when everybody had grand plans for what they would achieve during the extra time at home? I must admit, I did anticipate getting a lot more things done than I actually did, mainly as I hugely underestimated just how much effort it would be to work from home whilst also teaching the children and keeping up my blog. I simply didn’t have the time or energy once I finished my day to start any of the projects I had planned.

However, with the children on their school holidays, I found myself with a bit more spare time as August came around and, when Red Letter Days got in touch asking if I would be interested in learning a new skill with them ahead of the Festival of Learning (1st-30th September), I knew it was the perfect chance to tick off at least one of my lockdown goals!

There are so many online courses, diplomas and activities to choose from on the Red Letter Days site, I was a bit spoilt for choice. I decided it would be great to brush up my knowledge and gain a certificate in digital marketing, as this is something I use for both my work and my own business, so it made sense to learn more about the subject and be able to apply it in my day to day life.

The course is on New Skills Academy, which I had used once before, so had a good idea on how to navigate the site. I want to start by saying that I am usually absolutely awful at completing anything online like this. I have the motivation to start with and then this dwindles off and I just end up leaving it unfinished. This was completely different. From the start I was totally hooked, the course modules were so interesting and I was compelled to keep going, often working late into the night as I wanted to get to the end of another module and find out more.

Each module was really easy to follow – I loved the note taking function, which allowed me to write down bullet points as I read through the course material, which I find really helps me to take in what I am reading, so that it sticks. I also liked that each module had an introduction and summary, which helped me to keep track of what I was learning at each step. I ended up completing the entire course in just a few days as I was genuinely interested in what I was being taught and the course was set out in such a user-friendly, easy to understand way.

Modules included social media marketing, search engine optimisation, online public relations and web analytics, plus several more. Although I knew some of what the course content covered, I found I learnt a lot and there was something new I discovered during each module – so it doesn’t have to be just for somebody who has no understanding of the subject matter. Having said this, if you were to go in with no experience of digital marketing, I still feel you would be able to quickly pick up what the course covers, as it is set out in a really easy to understand format.

There were some quick-fire questions during each module, followed by a final set of 30 questions, which you need to ‘pass’ in order to gain your certificate (which is provided as a free download, or you can opt to pay an additional fee to receive a physical copy in the post). I found the questions weren’t that hard, but you would definitely struggle if you had skipped through the modules without paying much attention (which I know I have been guilty of doing in the past).

I couldn’t recommend the Digital Marketing New Skills Academy course, available through Red Letter Days, enough. It has given me a much broader depth of knowledge about a subject that affects my working life, and I now have an which I can add to my CV.

I have already bought myself another course, this time focusing on writing, which is obviously something I have experience in, but which I would love to explore in further detail. I cannot wait to continue to learn and expand my skillset.

The Digital Marketing Course was provided for me, as part of the Festival of Learning Red Letter Days campaign, however all words are my own.

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