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Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved to be creative. I used to write and illustrate my own stories from a young age, and I created my first magazine from scratch before the age of 11. As I’ve grown up, my creativity hasn’t diminished but I definitely find myself lacking the time to dedicate to it, especially when juggling a job, three children and this blog. I must admit, although I consider myself as creative, when it comes to crafting, I am a total beginner. As a parent, it can be a challenge to create fun, unique activities from scratch. Here are some creativity hacks to make life easier for those who are short on time, money or just experience, but still want to get crafty…

Party Invites

I used to get really frustrated when it came to finding party invitations as nothing quite suited what I was looking for. Invite designs on the high street and online tend to be quite generic, and didn’t always suit the theme of the party or individuality of myself or my children the way I imagined. Using svg files, which can be scaled to different sizes, whilst maintaining the graphics, allows a lot more flexibility with your designs, whilst being simple to use and affordable too!

Special Occassion Cards

As with party invites, sometimes it can feel like the same card designs are available in the shops year in, year out. In order to create something totally unique and personal for your loved ones, you can make your own design using websites like Design Bundles. The process couldn’t be simpler, and the site offers a huge range of products at hugely discounted prices, making it an affordable option if you’re looking to get crafty, without the cost impact.

Colouring Pages

Fed up with buying the same colouring books for the kids over and over again? I swear all I can ever find are monsters, fairies and farmyard animals when I go to pick up new colouring books in the shops. Why not create your own colouring sheets for the kids, perfect to take away on your next UK break, plane journey or just to have ready for a rainy day stuck indoors. The bonus? You can choose from so many different graphics to include, so no more stereotypical designs necessary!

Prints for the Home

I love a good inspirational quote or fun graphic around the house but it can work out costly buying prints online. If you are looking for some new prints for your home, perhaps consider making your own instead. With thousands of designs to choose from, you are bound to find something to suit each room of your house and, as they are less generic, you aren’t as likely to walk into somebody else’s house to find the exact same print as yours! Prints make fantastic gifts for friends and relatives as well once framed, and work out much more cost effective than buying from online retailers.

Helping with Homework

I still can’t believe the children will have been off school for almost six months by the time they go back in a couple of weeks. I know that they will likely struggle a bit to get back into the swing of things after spending so many weeks home learning and then having the summer break. Things like homework, especially, is likely to be a big challenge going forward.

Design Bundles have some excellent reward charts and weekly planners, that can be printed out and used right away. We’ve used reward charts in the past for things like toilet training, being gentle with their siblings and tidying up their rooms, with success. I find that it gives the children a visual aid to chart their progress with a certain goal, or just good behaviour in general. I use a weekly planner myself, but having one that the kids can also use is also a great idea, as it helps them to understand what is going on and feel more in control and independent, as they grow up.

Creating Scrapbooks

I have been awful in the past when it comes to creating tangible memories from our trips with the children. I love taking photos and have so many, there isn’t a trip we’ve taken where I haven’t had my camera in one hand, snapping away. The photos just never make it further than social media, which is such a shame. I really want to try and get better at printing out photos and scrapbooking – creating something to display the fun memories all in one place. Design Bundles have an extensive range of journal pages, backgrounds and clip arts, making scrapbooking simple, even for a novice like me! I want to start small but can see myself getting into scrapbooking, as a therapeutic project just for me of an evening.

Social Media Graphics

As a blogger, I spend a lot of time on social media, promoting my posts and communicating with those following me. It can take a lot of time to create graphics for various social media platforms, especially Pinterest, and I don’t always have the time to start from scratch. Using Design Bundles range of graphics means less time for me working, plus I am able to be more efficient with my time online, in turn freeing up more time for me to spend with the children and Ed – win, win situation!

If you like crafting, but don’t know where to start, or are concerned about the cost or technicalities of some projects, Design Bundles is a great place to start, to find inspiration and a whole range of products to help save you time and money. They are big on customer satisfaction and have a customer base over 1 million users, which is pretty impressive! You can browse their website, which will give you an idea of other craft projects you could work on with their products.

This is a sponsored post, however all words are my own.

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