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One of the things I try and do with my little corner of the internet is approach somewhat ‘taboo’ topics to reassure others that they are normal. I have spoken about both adult toys and my pelvic floor in the past and this post actually combines the two. I was recently contacted by Aneros Femme, an American company who have created a product which works to encourage women to exercise their pelvic floor whilst also providing pleasing vibrations as an incentive to get those muscles working, and I am all for something like this.

Having had three children, I am the first to admit my pelvic floor is not the same as it once was. I have, in fact, had several hospital appointments in recent years to check everything is ok and that surgery isn’t necessary, so I am more than happy to try products like this out.

My first thoughts upon receiving the Vivi was how aesthetically pleasing it was. It’s a lovely red colour and comes packaged up with a charging cable and a user guide in a nice neat box. The Vivi is shaped to fit the curves of your body, and is made from soft silicone, providing a comfortable user experience.

The company is based in America, but does ship to the UK, and as the charging cable is a USB, there is no need to worry about a plug adapter. The Vivi device can be charged in two hours and provides up to 70 minutes on high intensity or up to 5 hours on low intensity. The device is also water-resistant so can be used in the shower and washed after use at the sink, however it should not be fully submerged in water.

I love that the Vivi can be used hands-free and links up to an app on your smartphone, giving you total control and providing reminders to do your exercises. However, it can also be used without a phone on manual mode, with 9 preset vibrations available at the touch of a button. There is also a great discreet option without any vibrations, if you want to use the device when out and about or just want to avoid making any noise. This mode works with your own body’s contractions alone and is probably the best way to start using it if you need to get used to pelvic floor exercises.

I would definitely recommend the Vivi from Aneros Femme, if you are looking for something to help encourage you to do your pelvic floor exercises. This handy device not only helps with those all important exercises, it also doubles up as a vibrator which works on both the clitoris and g-spot, making this a multi-purpose toy to add to your collection.

I was sent the Vivi, however all words and images are my own. 

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