Finding a Work/Life Balance – Why Part Time Works for Me 

When it comes to my work life since having the kids, I look at my experiences a little like the story of the three bears with me finally finding something which is ‘just right’ for me. 

When I had my own business and I was at home with them all the time, day in, day out, it just didn’t work. I couldn’t get work done with them at home, but I wasn’t earning enough to justify having them in nursery, so I ended up feeling resentful and frustrated daily. This meant I wasn’t appreciating or enjoying my time at home with them and they weren’t having much fun with a mummy who snapped more than smiled. I knew something had to change. 

Working full time was ok until I started a more stressful job and my contracted 40 hours ended up more like 60 most weeks. I was barely seeing the children, and when I did, it was time for bed for them and I would still end up snapping after a long day in the office with the thought ofyet another  early morning to look forward to. I nearly completely burnt myself out and knew that the only way I could carry on would be to quit that job and find something part time. 

Part time work in the events industry isn’t that easy to come by. I was fortunate that my current employers were happy to be flexible and work around the hours I needed to do. I am lucky to be able to take the children to school and nursery and to pick them up as well. 

I work part time hours four days in the week and on a Saturday, which is ideal for us as a family and means that I have manageable days that remain mainly stress free. I’m able to spend time with the children after school, to cook dinner for us as a family in time for Ed to come home from work, and to still have energy once the kids are asleep to have some couple or me time, which is something that was definitely neglected in my last job. 

Having a day off in the week also means I’m able to enjoy a day spending one on one time with my daughter. We usually have a lie in and go swimming, which is lovely. Finishing at two on a Saturday isn’t that bad as I’m able to spend the rest of the day with the kids before a family day on Sunday to round off the week. 

I feel incredibly lucky to have found the perfect work life balance for me and the kids, as it’s so important to me, especially living with a mental illness, as it provides stability.  

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