Losing my Blogging Mojo 

So, something weird happened. When I was working full time and ridiculously long hours and never seemed to have a spare minute to myself, I actually managed to slot in blog posts a hell of a lot more often than I do now, in a part time job, where I’m often home no later than 4pm and have whole evenings to myself whilst Ed is at the gym… Crazy heh? 

I think the problem is, my change from full time to part time work also coincided with finding out I was expecting baby number 3. There’s something about carrying another human being inside you which can totally zap all energy for anything other than watching tv and eating (which is evident in the sheer size of me lately!). 

I really enjoy writing and I always have grand plans to write loads, but every time I sit down to do some blogging my mind goes blank and all I can think to write about is my pregnancy, and although I do keep up my update posts every couple of weeks, I don’t want my blog to solely be me telling you all about my antenatal appointments and the growing size of my stomach… I want to be able to write about anything and everything again. 

Just like this post, this photo holds no meaning… gotta love a snapchat filter though!

This post doesn’t really have much meaning and if you were hoping to get to the point, I’m afraid I don’t think there is one, it’s more of a post to say please bear with me, I’m sure eventually my brain will be once again occupied with more than just baby boy clothes and where to purchase the cutest nappy mat (if anyone knows the answer to this, please do let me know).

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