June Plans 

Whoops, bit late on the old monthly plans post this month… Unfortunately as we are still deep in the saving for the wedding we really don’t have that many plans for this month. 

9th June- Baby Heart Scan 

Because Ed had a hole in his heart at birth, we are having an additional scan this week to check all is ok with a heart specialist. I’m quite nervous but it will be good to see our little boy again. 

19th June – Fathers’ Day 

It will be Ed’s first as a daddy (to be) and his second as a step daddy to Cameron and Carly. 

21st June – Ed’s birthday 

Ed is insistent he doesn’t want a fuss made or much for his birthday but it will be nice to spoil him a little as he’s very selfless, always putting me and the kids and our baby bump before himself. 

22nd June – Mums Dinner 

I do not get to see the mums I met when I was pregnant with Carly enough these days but we make up for it when we do get together (not in alcohol fuelled shenanigans, we are mums and I’m of course now a mum to be again too, but with tonnes of food). This meal is going to be at Harvester and I’m already planning what to eat – yum! 

And that’s pretty much it…. Luckily the weather is fairly good these days and now Ed has finished his degree for this year we will have more time as a family so I’m hoping we can fit in lots of trips to the beach and local parks for picnics and sunbathing (although I have to ensure my tummy area stays in the shade). 

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