What Christmas Looked Like for Me in 2015 

Christmas is my most favourite time of year. This year was no different and was definitely needed having worked such long hours running up to it at work… 

The day started off with Carly waking me up at 6am. After stalling for as long as possible, and a very much unwanted bath for the children, we ventured downstairs to see what Santa had brought for us. The kids opened their Santa present and their Christmas Day outfits before we headed off to my mum’s for more presents and breakfast.

 After a yummy festive breakfast of bacon sandwiches and Buck’s Fizz it was time for presents… I think it’s safe to say we were spoilt this year! 

 My favourite gift was the blogger mug I received from my mum (even though I don’t drink hot drinks)! Second favourite was my new phone case, amazing! 

We went off for our annual beach walk to visit my grandad’s bench, which was not much fun this year as it was a horrible blustery wet day. 

 Over my nan’s flat, Ed set about cooking along with my mum and nan, and my sister, brother, dad and I went off to a local pub for a couple of festive drinks before lunch. 

 The alcohol and yummy food was a bit too much and I fell asleep for an hour after eating. 

Some more family turned up in the evening and we had some more food and played cards against humanity (which my nan loved!).    

 Even more presents later and it was time for bed. This Prosecco loving princess can’t handle her drink these days! 

Boxing Day was spent over Ed’s parents’ house where we had a second Christmas dinner- yummy! 



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