My Monthly Plans

I will admit, I don’t have a diary packed full of as many social events as some girls my age do but I try and plan some things to keep me going throughout the working week. These are my upcoming plans for October:

Saturday 10th – Fall Out Boy at the BIC

Ok, I do like this band but I originally got roped into going way back when Ed and I were first dating as going to see live music is not really ‘me’. I am quite excited to go though as it is something different and I get to spend time with Ed and one of my friends from my last job, Sarah, who I have missed lots since I left.

Sunday 11th & Sunday 18th – Wedding Fayres

I love attending weddings fayres and plan to attend as many as possible over the length of my engagement, starting with these two local ones!

Saturday 17th – Cousin’s leaving drinks


My cousin Aaron, who is much more like a brother than a cousin, is off travelling America very soon and is having his leaving drinks. I am going to really miss having him around but know that this is something he has wanted to do for a long time and wish him luck.

Sunday 18th – Couples Lunch

I don’t have a lot of couple friends so it is nice to catch up and spend time with some of Ed’s friends.

Wednesday 21st- Work Meal

I haven’t been out socially with my work colleagues yet so I am looking forward to letting my hair down a little and getting to know the girls, and boys, a little better over some Thai food.

Saturday 31st October

I don’t actually have anything planned for Halloween yet but I want to do something as I actually love it (although I love anything that gives you an excuse to eat sweets/chocolate and dress up).


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