Why I Gave up Blogging Full Time

I quite often see blog posts floating around social media promising to answer the question of how you can take your blog full time, and I wrote a post like this myself a couple of years ago, nine months into monetising my blog. However, as much as it was nice to be in charge of my own income, and to be able to pick and choose my hours of work around the children, last summer I made the decision to take on a part time job role alongside blogging, effectively ending blogging as a full time career. I wanted to share my reasons behind this move, and to show that perhaps taking your blog full time doesn’t have to be the end goal for every blogger. It certainly isn’t my goal at the moment, having experienced both the highs and lows of this career move.

The Income Wasn’t Guaranteed

One of the hardest parts of being self employed, regardless of whether you are a blogger or not, is that your income isn’t guaranteed and payments can be made at any point, rather than at the same time each month. I am fortunate that Ed earns enough from his job to keep up the rent and bills etc, but it was still stressful never knowing how much I would be paid each month, if at all. For many, this isn’t an option, and they wait until they are confident they will get paid a steady wage before taking that step and blogging full time, but even with forward planning, its an industry you cannot always guarantee work throughout the year. For me, chasing invoices was stressful. I still do this, as nothing has changed in this sense, but now I have my work wage coming in at the end of each month, I am no longer as stressed out by late payments.

I Was Lonely

Working from home each day, I often wouldn’t have any adult interaction all day and it really had a negative impact on my mental health. I found myself feeling resentful of Ed for getting out of the house and seeing peoplel, and my days and nights would merge into one without a full routine. Some people thrive from being on their own, but I like to have a team of people around me. I am so much happier now I am back in an office environment, where I can chat to others during the day, and keep myself distracted if I am having a low day.

I Lost Passion for My Writing

One of the worst parts of taking my blog full time was the fact that I started to find writing a bit of a chore. I wasn’t enjoying it as much anymore, with the pressure of making money from it, and I began to feel like I was making a mistake by focusing all my efforts on something that, up until now, I had found my escape. I feel like I have a much better balance now that I am working as well as blogging. I still make money from my blog, but I also write posts just because I am passionate about the subject matter, or it is something I enjoy writing about. I am more relaxed, and I feel like my posts show this.

I Didn’t Find Home My Haven Anymore

Working from home, I started to find it a little claustrophobic, being there all the time. I would finish working for the day but still be in the same place, and I didn’t feel like I could truly switch off. Now I am able to head out to work and come back home to a proper haven to relax in. Sure, I work part time so I still do some work from home, but I am able to separate work and home-life much better now. When I get in, I feel relaxed, and I enjoy carving out some time for my blog around the children rather than feeling trapped by it.

I Took on Work I Wasn’t Proud Of

When I was solely relying on my income from my blog, I admit, I found it harder to stick to my morals. I never accepted work from loan companies, as I really don’t agree with these, but I did work with some more questionable companies than I would do now. It was hard not to accept payments for these posts, when it made all the difference to me and my family. Now I feel I can be more selective, and if I don’t feel good about working with a company, I simply won’t do it. It is really liberating to be able to say no to campaigns which aren’t right for me and my blog, without the fear of not getting any money by the end of the month.

As well as all of the above, I am also really enjoying working part time in a role which I feel confident in, doing what I love whilst earning a steady wage. I know that some people would view the career move as a step backwards but, for me, it was absolutely the right thing for me and my family and I am so much happier now that I blog part time alongside another job.

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