Taking Part in the 40 Days 40 Items Challenge for Prama

Traditionally Lent is a time for giving up something but, as my failed New Year’s Resolutions will show you, I don’t deal well with depriving myself of certain foods. Instead, this year I will be taking part in the 40 Days, 40 Items challenge to support local charity Prama (who I also work for alongside this blog).

For those that aren’t aware, the 40 Day, 40 Item challenge involves choosing an item from your home that you no longer want or need each day of Lent (which is the period of time between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday) and placing it in a box or bag, ready to donate at the end of the 40 days.

The items don’t have to be anything big or valuable. You can use the challenge as an excuse to have a proper spring clean and clearout before Easter. I am using it as the push I needed to declutter the house ready for when we move, and it is great to be able to donate the items I no longer need whilst also clearing space.

Prama is a charity that helps older people and carers across Dorset. Since working for the charity, I have witnessed the work they do and I know how important it is to donate to the shops, helping to raise funds that can then be used across their numerous groups and clubs in the community. Even if you aren’t taking part in the challenge this time, if you are local I would really recommend a visit to one of the seven charity shops in the area, where you can pick up a bargain and help support this fantastic local charity.

I have started the challenge, and will be posting my donations across social media, if you would like to follow along. If you are taking part, please feel free to tag me or Prama in your own social media posts (you can find them on Instagram and Twitter), or share to the Prama or PramaCharityShops Facebook pages.

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