Going Back In Time for Hilton Bournemouth’s 80s Party

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Last week I was invited along with some of the other Bournemouth Bloggers to enjoy an 80s themed party night at the Hilton Bournemouth, located in the centre of town, just up from the Bh2 leisure complex. Having worked at the Hilton when it was first built, I have a soft spot for the venue, and was interested to attend my first event in the ballroom, since I left my job there.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was provided a complimentary ticket for the party night in exchange for promoting the event in advance across social media. I was not asked to write this follow up blog post, however, but wanted to as it was something a little different than the events I usually attend.

Arriving at the venue, I did feel a little underwhelmed. There wasn’t much theming going on with the decor, and there was nobody there to greet guests, with the cloakroom closed. On a very stormy weekend, with the rain pouring down, all guests had a coat with them and were left awkwardly holding them as we stood around waiting to find out when we should go into the room to sit down, which wasn’t ideal.

Other than that, the staff were welcoming, and when we did sit down, we were greeted with a freshly baked roll and butter, which we happily tucked into, as we were pretty hungry by this point. The food was lovely. I had been a little apprehensive about what would be served, as we hadn’t been able to see a menu beforehand, but I was impressed with the starter, which was vegetarian for all guests – a pastry with fig, warmed cherry tomatoes and a chutney.

The main was chicken with tenderstem broccoli and a mash, which was tasty, although perhaps a little spicy for those with a more delicate palette.

Dessert was a cheesecake with honeycomb. I found the honeycomb a little overpowering, but the cheesecake, topped with chocolate flakes, was yummy.

The sit down meal was followed by live music from an 80s band, The 80s Club, who were brilliant, and definitely knew how to get the crowd up and dancing with their mix of music from arguably the best decade for music. I am a sucker for an 80s song, but I felt a little awkward getting up and dancing, as the other guests were a bit older than us, and seemed to be in large groups spread across the dance floor. I think I would have got up and danced more if I had of been with my family, who also love the 80s, as some of the other bloggers left fairly early on.

Overall I think the night was a success. The women on the dance floor certainly looked like they were having a good time, and the food was fantastic quality. I would have liked to have had a bit more of an atmosphere on arrival, as it did leave people feeling a bit unsure of what was going on, but I think this may have been down to last minute issues with the event, and not necessarily a true reflection of how Hilton’s events start.

I was provided with a complimentary ticket to the 80s Party night at Hilton Bournemouth, however all words and images are my own. 

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