My To-Read List for March

Although I have quite often shared my recently read books, I don’t think I have shared a to-read list before now. I am really trying to read more often this year, as it is something I love to do, and don’t set out enough time for usually. I started regularly visiting my local library last year, and it has been a game changer as I would never be able to afford as many books as I am getting through if I were to buy them. I am really impressed by the amount of books our (absolutely tiny) library has, and that I am able to easily find plenty of books that I love every time I visit. Here are the books on my to-read list for March.

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

What’s it about? Tonight, Evelyn Hardcastle will be killed…. again. A guest of the party where Evelyn was killed, needs to solve her murder by reliving the day of her death again and again, in the body of a different guest each time.

This is my next read, and I am looking forward to it as it sounds so intriguing, like a proper murder mystery from the perspective of different characters.

Seven Days (To Save Her Son)

What’s it about? A woman, kept captive, gives birth to children, only for them to be taken from her once they turn three years old. The clock is ticking and she needs to save her son before he too is taken from her…

I tend to read a lot of books that are similar to each other, which is fine, apart from they do tend to be quite hard subject matters to read about at times. This one sounds particularly distressing for the main character, so I have given it to my mum to read first and let me know how hard going it is…

Never Let You Go

What’s it about? Having escaped an abusive relationship years before, Lindsey believes she has cut all ties from her past but strange happenings start happening following her ex’s release from prison…

I love a good psychological thriller and this sounds right up my street. I find these sort of books the easiest to read quickly as I end up not being able to put it down after a certain point.


What’s it about? A man dies in a quiet country village but his postmortem reveals his death was no accident but linked to a barbaric ancient ritual

This was a bit of a different one than the others. Although similar in storyline, it seems a little more supernatural, and it is a bigger book as well, so it might be a bit hard going.

We Can See You

What’s it about? They’ve kidnapped your daughter and they are watching you so you don’t go to the police.

Another psychological crime thriller which I am all about. I think I like this subject matter as it completely transports me away from my own life and, although dark, it is something I can focus on whilst reading, rather than my own fears and anxieties.

What books are on your to-read list? Do you buy the books you read, pick them up from charity shops, or borrow from your local library? 

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