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I am a huge fan of reading, but lately I have struggled to prioritise it over catching up on work in the evenings. I am not sure how long it has taken me to read this pile of books, but it doesn’t matter, I read them and enjoyed each and every one, which is a win in my books (see what I did there)….

Nine Perfect Strangers

I must admit, this one was a bit of a slow burner for me. I almost, almost gave up on it, as I really didn’t enjoy the first chapter, and found the narrative a bit clunky and different to the pace of the books I had been getting used to reading. I am glad I persevered, as it got better the more I got into it, and I ended up really enjoying the story and ending. This is probably my least favourite of the pile, but I still enjoyed it, and would recommend (but you may need to push yourself to keep going initially).

If I Die Before I Wake

This book was another one I was a little unsure of initially, but once I gave it a chance, I really got into the storyline, and it was totally different to anything I had read about before, which made a nice change. It kept me guessing, and I found myself turning the pages into the small hours to reach the end.

The Gift

I have read other books by the same author, and I have passed them onto my mum as well, and she bought this one as she loved them so much. After she had read it, she was keen for me to finish it so that we could discuss and compare against the others we have read (The Surrogate and The Sister). I think I preferred the others, but this was a good story. I was a little frustrated by a couple of plot holes, and the ending seemed rushed and a little implausible, but I will forgive it as I did enjoy.

No Escape

This was another book by author Lucy Clarke, who I love at the moment. Unlike the other titles of hers that I have read recently, I found this one slightly hard to get into. I wasn’t instantly drawn in as much as I would have hoped, and I was unsure if it was for me, but, as seems to be a pattern, once I did get into it, I couldn’t put it down, and I loved this book. I wouldn’t say I was the biggest fan of the main character, and at times I couldn’t picture the scenes that well, as I haven’t been on a yacht before, but this was brilliant book.

I Heart Hawaii

Ok, something very different from my usual genre, but I couldn’t miss out on reading this book from the I Heart Series. I have read this series from the start, and love the characters. I believe this was the last book in the series, and it does do well at tying up some loose ends. I enjoyed how the book played out and, although entirely predictable, I still loved the ending, and raced through the book whilst enjoying the sunny weather. Perfect holiday read right here!

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