Summer Holiday Bucket List

In just a few short weeks, the children will break up from school, and the summer will stretch ahead of us with the promise of lazy days at the beach, copious amounts of ice lollies, and all the memories to be made. Since Ed has changed career as a teacher, it has been so lovely to be able to spend time all together over the holidays, and I can’t wait for a slower pace and plenty of vitamin D. Here’s some of the things I would love to do this summer….

Head to the Lake District

I have a total soft spot for the Lake District, ever since holidaying there as a child. The area is simply stunning, and it is the perfect place to escape to when you need a bit of time out from everyday life. My family have planned a bit of a reunion there over summer, and I definitely want to head over their and make some new memories with the children.

Visit Family

We have family ‘up North’, and it is sometimes hard to find the time to make the long journey up and back down the country in the space of a weekend. I am hoping to be able to arrange to visit both my brother and his family, and Ed’s sister and her family during the summer, as it will be so nice to get the kids together.

Days and Nights at the Beach

Living so close to the most amazing beaches in the UK (I am not exaggerating, these beaches have won awards), we simply can’t spend the summer away from the sea. Bournemouth beach itself can get so unbelievably crowded at the mere hint of a high temperature, so we head to lesser know beaches, and sometimes avoid going down there until late afternoon, when the crowds have started to disperse, and the sun isn’t so strong for the kids.

Walks in the Forest

Our second favourite place to go as a family is the New Forest, which is only around 15 minutes away in the car from us, and is the perfect haven for those slightly cooler days, when you don’t feel like sunbathing, but you still want to be outside and in the fresh air. I love that the children share our enthusiasm for going for a good walk.

Cultural Days Out

My mum recently re-joined English Heritage, and I have plans to sign up for National Trust, and between us we will be equipped to explore the UK’s historical landmarks and museums. The children love finding out more about history, and it feels good to save on the high prices of attractions by having an annual pass.

Garden Parties

I love staying at home and heading into the garden to enjoy the sunshine. Ed loves manning the barbecue, and we invite family and friends round to chill out without the need to spend a lot of money. I can almost taste those burgers – cannot wait!

Meeting up with Friends

Some summers go by and I realise we haven’t actually seen many friends. The children both have school friends who they would like to catch up with during the break, and I have made friends with another mum with kids the same age as mine, so I am hoping we will be able to spend some time together over the summer.

A Break Away

If possible, I would love to book a trip away, whether in the UK or abroad, it would just be nice to get away and properly unwind, without working or answering emails. I have been looking into options, and I think a last minute booking might be on the cards.

If you are planning on visiting Bournemouth over the summer holidays with children, you can check out my post of places to visit.

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