Shows I’ve Been Watching on Netflix Recently

I have to admit, as much as I love going out to the events that I get invited to as a blogger, I also love my nights in with Ed watching Netflix and chilling out. The struggle is sometimes deciding on what to watch as there are just so many shows available. We usually tend to be that couple that totally miss a show when it first comes out and then we fall in love with it way after everybody else has forgotten about it. However, I now tend to see people talking about a show on Twitter and add it to my Watch List, so there’s a mixture of new shows, additional seasons of series that we love and old favourites which we have been working our way through.

The Stranger

Ok, I think the whole world and their dog has seen this show but honestly, we loved it! If we had the time, and didn’t have jobs to get up for and kids to look after, we would have binged the series as we both really enjoyed it. We did also like Safe, but not as much as this. If anybody has any other suggestions of similar shows that are psychological thrillers rather than straight up crime, let me know!

Locke & Key

Another fantastic newly released series, and another one we binged as quickly as we could. Locke & Key is more than a little bizarre, but not so much that you get lost following the storyline. This one was a little darker than The Stranger, and might be a little scary for those who are easily spooked (there was a scene in particular near the climax of the show where I got more than a little creeped out). I cannot wait for another series of this (I reallllly hope they are making another series)!

You Series 2

Ed and I really enjoyed the first series of You, so were looking forward to it coming back just after Christmas. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to watch it all before I saw spoilers on Twitter, which ruined it a little for me (I was nice and didn’t tell Ed what I had heard). Some people weren’t impressed with this series, but I enjoyed it, and loved that the ending leads the way for a third series.

Sex Education Series 2

Another series we had watched before. It took a few episodes for me to get into the second series, if I’m honest. I wasn’t sure about the direction it had taken since the ends of series one, but it redeemed itself and I ended up wishing it hadn’t ended when it did. Definitely interested in a third series.

Mad Men

A prime example of a show we have started watching way after everyone else. I think we are on series 6 at the moment, and dip in and out of it. I remember hearing that it was a good show years ago, but I never got round to watching it, but it’s been nice to watch the whole thing together with Ed, and it is quite easy viewing compared to some of the stuff we watch.

We are still working our way through Mad Men, but are on the lookout for another show to get into. Let me know if you have any suggestions! 

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2 thoughts on “Shows I’ve Been Watching on Netflix Recently

  1. Gemma @ Makeup Muddle

    I’ve heard so much about You, but I’m yet to give the series a try! I really want to though, as it sounds like such a great show! xo

    Makeup Muddle


    1. Emma

      Ah you should! Such a great show. Although, having said that, I know some people who haven’t been keen.


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