Enjoying Afternoon Tea & Sunday Carvery at the Norfolk Hotel, Bournemouth

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If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will already know that I love food. Going out to eat is one of my favourite pastimes. I didn’t used to be a big fan of afternoon tea, as I am not a hot drink lover and am notoriously fussy when it comes to sandwich fillings. However, I have recently been converted, and was more than happy to head along to the Norfolk Hotel in Bournemouth (previously the Norfolk Royale), to sample their champagne afternoon tea with a few of the other Bournemouth Bloggers.

When we arrived, we were shown to a table in the relaxed lounge area, and our champagne was brought out to us to enjoy whilst the rest of our food was prepared. I am usually a prosecco over champagne girl, as I find champagne can be a little dry for me, but I was pleasantly surprised, and the glass of bubbles went down a little too easily!

The food was gorgeously displayed – something every blogger is a fan of – and everything looked delicious. I couldn’t wait to tuck in, but also happily snapped away to get ‘the shot’ for Instagram before we ate.

There were a selection of finger sandwiches – I enjoyed the ham, which surprised me as I hadn’t actually eaten it in almost 10 years after going off of it when pregnant with my eldest child! I wasn’t a fan of the other sandwiches, but like I say, I am a bit fussy when it comes to fillings, so I made a beeline for the cakes and scones.

There was one scone per person, but a variety of small cakes to share between us. The only slight issue I had was that there weren’t an even number of each cake, which meant I wasn’t able to sample the chocolate one, even more disappointing as I didn’t actually like a couple of the other ones on offer. If you are a fussy eater, it might be worth seeing if you can request certain cakes or sandwiches in advance.

My only other small bugbear was that the scones had currants in them. This is quite common with afternoon tea, and I really should enquire in advance whether the scones can be plain, as I ended up sitting and picking each one out, which was a bit tedious and took away from the experience a little. The scone itself was lovely and warm and not at all crumbly, and I enjoyed it with the clotted cream (but not jam, I told you I was fussy!).

As I say, I don’t drink hot drinks, but the other girls enjoyed frothy cappuccinos and lattes, that they said tasted as good as they looked.

A few weeks later, I was back at the Norfolk Hotel again to try out their Sunday Carvery, with a different group of bloggers from the network. I was really looking forward to trying the food out, as I am a huge fan of a good roast. You can choose to add a starter or main, or just go for the carvery itself, which is what we did.

We were greeted by the chef, who let us know what meats were on offer. You can choose to have one or a little of all three. I went for the beef and turkey, as I couldn’t decide between the two, and readily accepted the offer of a Yorkshire pudding – they were lovely and big!

I will admit, I was a little greedy when it came to the sides – I have a total love affair with pigs in blankets, so I loaded up on them, and the roast potatoes, which looked so good.

I piled my plate high with veg, and covered it with gravy, and then headed back to the table with my booty. It was all very exciting, and I had to take a more Instagrammable photo of Molly’s plate, as mine was too full to look nice!

I found that the beef was a little hard to eat, and preferred the turkey, and the broccoli was a little too al dente for my liking, but overall I enjoyed my lunch. It was just the right amount of food to leave me metaphorically loosening my belt (I was wearing a skirt), although I would like to return at some point to try out the starters and desserts, as they sounded nice.

I was invited to sample the afternoon tea and Sunday carvery with the Bournemouth Bloggers, however all words and images are my own. 

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