Food & Fitness Friday – What’s on my Shopping List This Week

If you’ve read my food and fitness goals for 2017 you may already know that one of the things I want to do is to cook freshly prepared nutritious meals more during my maternity leave. 

This means having to be a little savvy when it comes to the food shop as we are on a tight budget with only one income currently. 

Around 2/3 of our shop is fresh and tinned fruit and vegetables which I’m pretty happy with. Ed buys our meat from the butcher so it’s not included in this list, but generally I am trying to add in at least one vegetarian meal a week, and will happily increase this. 

Carly has a packed lunch for nursery twice a week and Cameron only has to take a snack in to school as he still has free school dinners at the moment.
So, what’s on our shopping list this week? 

Shopping List

Green beans 


Mixed peppers 

Onions x 2 







Jacket potatoes 



Chopped tomatoes x2 

Tinned sweetcorn 

Wholewheat spaghetti

Flavouring sachet for spaghetti bologense and Chilli con carne 

Wholemeal seeded bread 



Bottled water 

The meals I have planned include: 

Vegetable Curry 

Spaghetti Bolognese 

Salmon and Green Beans 

Chilli con Carne 

Spicy Turkey Stir Fry 

Stuffed Jackets 

Hard Boiled Egg & Tomato Sandwiches 

I need to do a little research and look in some cookbooks for some more ideas of what I can cook as my biggest stumbling block is definitely my imagination with food. 
Do you have any nutritious, simple meal ideas I can try? 

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7 thoughts on “Food & Fitness Friday – What’s on my Shopping List This Week

  1. katykicker

    Looks like a lovely healthy meal plan. I’ve got a few easy slow cooker recipes on my blog. They are mainly consisting of veggies and meat with a few herbs and spices. I make everything myself here and don’t really use convenience foods or jars of sauces etc. Have a great week!


  2. MummytoDex

    Have you tried Joe wick’s lean in 15? I started by copying some of the recipes he posts on Instagram and then I got his books (they’re about £8 each). There’s some wonderful meals in there, some which we have on a weekly basis. And no, I don’t do the exercises haha!


  3. Everything Mummy

    It’s been ages since I’ve done a veggie curry I love them! Some other meal suggestions would be – pesto baked chicken with salad or veggies it’s my favourite at the moment! xx


  4. Something About Baby

    These are some great meal ideas. I second looking at Joe Wick’s, we have all 3 of his books and there are so many great, easy meals to choose from, we never get bored!


  5. Kirsty

    I need to get my finger out at the minute! Because we don’t have to cook for Harrison just yet, we’be managed to fall into the habit of less than nutritious dinners!! This has given me a little motivation though!


  6. Georgina

    Great post, just last week I have started to ditch the microwave meals and start cooking for myself. I’ve never used flavour sachets but made a spag Bol and lasagna with them and was surprised and how good they are!


  7. One-Way to Health

    It looks like you have some good meals planned there 🙂 I have some healthy and affordable recipes on my blog if you want to check them out. There is not much in at the moment as I only started it last week, but new recipes will be added weekly! 🙂 Monica x


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