Fighting My Fears – Speaking in Public

Last Monday, I did something I was terrified to do. I put on my very own talk about monetising your blog and I spoke in public to a room full of people. On the day I was really nervous and my anxiety was through the roof, but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, drew upon all the skills I have learnt in my CBT sessions, and I did it!

Not only did I manage to speak in public, I actually enjoyed myself and now I am planning further talks about issues I have faced due to my anxiety. I am so passionate about speaking out to help others, and I want to work through my fears of speaking in public to address topics I feel strongly about.

I am so grateful to The Kings Arms in Christchurch, for hosting my talk and providing me with a fantastic space to work in. Not only that, they also provided us with a fantastic mini cocktail making showcase and some delicious canapés on the night. I am a huge fan of the Harbour Hotel venues, as the team always go above and beyond to make every event special, and I can’t fault Victoria, Chamane and the team for their hospitality.

My talk covered all aspects of registering as self employed, earning money from blogging and submitting your first tax return, and I was so pleased to have helped local bloggers who were looking to start monetising their blog. The feedback I have received was so positive, and I am really pleased I pushed myself to share my experiences.

It was really nerve-wracking when I registered as self-employed last January, and I learnt on the job, with some support from other bloggers. As British people, we tend not to talk about money, and it made it confusing knowing how much to charge for my work, and knowing if I could actually make a living from doing what I love. I want to be open and share what I have learnt so far with others so that the process can be a little easier and less daunting.

I am currently planning my next talk on overcoming anxiety & attending blogging events. If you are local and interested in attending, please do get in touch to show your interest. 

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