5 Ways to Bring Your Business into the New Decade

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With just a couple of months left of 2019, not only are we about to enter a new year, 2020 will also see us going into a new decade. It can be daunting, with everything going on in the world at the moment, to think about how your business can stay stable, but by focusing on a few key areas, you can ensure you are on track for success.

These are five ways to bring your business into the new decade, whatever industry you are in.

Go Global

It makes sense that as the world of communications widens and advances that your business is able to cope with a global rather than local market. Remove limitations by working across different countries wherever possible, bringing in new business and strengthening old relationships further. Concerned about language barriers? Companies such as Global Lingo offer high-quality language services for businesses, giving you peace of mind when dealing with international negotiations.


It goes without saying that networking is key for a successful business, but in 2020 it goes further than the occasional business breakfast. If you aren’t already, you need to be not only getting out and about in your local area, but also digitally ensuring your presence encompasses a wider area in your field. Linking in with the above point, a global presence can open more doors for your business as you enter the new decade.

Identify Influencers

I may be biased, as a blogger myself, but influencer marketing is a trend which is only going to gain momentum going into 2020 and beyond. The key is to identify which influencers will help you and your business and go from there. Hiring a PR company or specialist influencer agency is recommended, to ensure that you find the right people to communicate your message effectively and to the right audience.

Harness Employee Experience

Although the customer is obviously a main concern, a business simply wouldn’t be a success without the team behind it. Your staff are integral to the business, and it is important to ensure their happiness whilst at work. Take note of big companies such as Google and Facebook and look into simple and cost-effective ways that you can create a culture that makes employees feel motivated and important in equal measures.

Don’t be Afraid of AI

It is unavoidable, artificial intelligence has become a huge part of the business world and it makes no sense to avoid it. Embrace AI and allow your employees to focus on more complex projects whilst delegating more mundane tasks to technology. It makes business sense to train your workforce as AI becomes an accepted and indeed expected part of business as we enter a new decade.

Business trends are something which come with every new year, but there is something fresh and exciting about the dawn of a new decade. By focusing attention on the five approaches covered in this post, you can be confident of stability and growth going forward into 2020.

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