5 Things I Have Learnt Since Returning to Office Work

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As you may already know, back in September I started a new job for a local charity, working in their head office as a Business Support Administrator. Now, you may be confused what this job title means, as I was initially when applying for the job, however it soon became clear. Business Support basically means that for me, no two days are the same. I am literally supporting the business in whatever way they need me to on a certain day. So one day I might be printing brochures, the next I could be creating artwork for a new flyer or scheduling posts for their social media pages. After working for myself from home for a couple of years, it has certainly been a change in pace and I wanted to share with you 5 things I have learnt since returning to office work.

You Can Never Order Too Much Stationery

I have been given the momentous responsibility of keeping on top of the stationery cupboard and ensuring we always have the right stock. This may sound like a trivial task, and not something to cause too much stress but my word are you gonna regret it if somebody runs out of post it notes or blu-tack. I have soon learnt that you can never over order on certain items, especially notebooks, pens and staples, that are used constantly in the office. I have taken to a daily stationery audit, which I fear people may be misconstruing, to keep on top of things. Fortunately for me, sites like Captain Notepad have all your office needs in one handy place, with discounts for bulk orders.

Never Work in the IT Department

I sit next to the guy who knows IT. I am pretty sure his job title is not even remotely to do with IT, but he knows it, and this is a burden he must now live with. When anybody has any issues with their computer, or the printer, or the internet in general, this is the guy they go to. It has given me one clear message – never work in the IT department, in fact, never learn more than the minimum amount about the work computer system, or live to regret it…

The Right Team Makes all the Difference

I actually love going into work each morning, and this is not something I could say about most other jobs I have had in the past. It makes all the difference when you are working with people who are genuinely nice and care about you as well as themselves. My line manager is incredible, and I have opened up about my mental health issues both at present and in the past as she has made me feel confident and comfortable enough to do so. This is amazing for me, as my biggest concern about returning to work for somebody else was that I might struggle if I had a panic attack or felt anxious whilst at work, without being able to open up. Honestly, it is fantastic to be able to feel support in my job and the atmosphere in the office is so lovely as well.

Watch the Show when it Airs

One of the slight downsides to having a lovely, friendly and chatty office environment is that the top shows will be discussed openly, so make sure you watch them right away, rather than waiting to catch up, or you may have them spoilt for you. I seriously have to leave the room if people start talking about GBBO as I don’t stay up to watch it on a Tuesday night and, with the final coming up, I am going to be mad if I have it ruined for me!

Print in Batches

I learnt fairly quickly that the whole office sharing one printer can get a bit hectic, and it is generally frowned upon when the new girl decides to print 50 copies of a 20 page brochure all in one go, thus pushing everybody else’s print job to the back of the queue. Oops. My takeaway would be to always print in small batches, and perhaps mention to the others in the office if you are planning on hogging the printer, or printing on card to avoid conflict…

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