My 30 Before 30

Last Wednesday, I turned the grand old age of 29, and thus entered my final year of being in my ‘twenties’. There’s still a bit of a stigma attached to women turning thirty (not so much men, the focus for them seems to be turning 40), and I won’t lie, it’s had me feeling a bit rubbish as the milestone birthday looms ever closer.

In a bid to avoid any life crisis from happening this time next year, I decided a little while ago that I would attempt to complete a ‘30 before 30’ list, to ensure I had lots checked off my bucket list before my 30th birthday.

I actually started the list around January this year, but I wanted to wait to share it at the year to go mark. I know traditionally the list is meant to include all new goals to tick off your list, but I’ve already achieved a few achievements that I felt deserved a place on here, so I’ve kept them on it. There are also some things I knew I would be doing already this year, and then several goals I’ve had in the back of my mind and have decided to put down in an attempt to actually finally get them done.

You’ll notice that none of the goals on my list are very daring. I’m not a daring person these days, and the things I have done which have pushed me out of my comfort zone were not enjoyable. This list isn’t about pushing my boundaries, or doing anything crazy (there’s always the next list for that), but for things I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t, and things that will ultimately improve my life and have me starting the next decade the best I can be.

I won’t go into detail on all of them in this post, but I’ll be blogging about some of them, and I’ll come back and add in links to these posts, and any notes as I go along to keep you all updated….

  1. Own our family home
  2. Get my 10th (and potentially final) tattoo
  3. Watch (and photograph) a sunrise and sunset
  4. Fight my fears and go on another long haul flight
  5. Go on a cruise
  6. Visit Ireland & Scotland
  7. Go back to Santorini
  8. Go and see another show in the West End
  9. Overcome my claustrophobia
  10. Come to peace with Benjamin’s birth
  11. Go self employed & earn money from my blog
  12. See the New Year in at Disneyland
  13. Find the confidence to go makeup free
  14. Improve my health and fitness, rejoin the gym/an exercise class
  15. Make a proper start on writing a book & have an article published in print
  16. Start a course to learn something new
  17. Drink more water & take care of my skin
  18. Switch off at night
  19. De-clutter and start a proper filing system
  20. Spend more time outside & go to the beach more often
  21. Take more time for me, spoil myself more
  22. See my friends more often & have friends over for dinner at ours
  23. Send letters to people
  24. Visit Amsterdam
  25. Learn another language
  26. Improve my cooking & try more food
  27. Improve my photography
  28. Keep something up for 30 days
  29. Start each day with positivity
  30. Go swimming regularly (and start the children on swimming lessons)

Do you have a 30 before 30 (or 40 before 40, 50 before 50)?

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