How to Deal with Hair Loss

I’ve suffered with postpartum hair loss with all three of the kids, but after having Benjamin my hair loss has been more significant than in the past. It’s completely normal to experience hair falling out after having children, but it doesn’t make it any less distressing.

Not only is it frustrating, having to keep clearing out the plughole every time I shower, it also chips away at my self confidence.

Fortunately I have fairly thick hair, which means that even after having experienced hair loss for well over a year, I have managed to avoid experiencing bald patches, however Ed has got a bald patch, which he is self conscious about.

I think for men, with generally less hair to start with, losing hair can become a huge issue and can definitely dent their confidence. Ed is a pretty confident person in general, but he’s self conscious when photos show the top of his head.

These are some of the ways you can fight hair loss, whether you are male or female.

Targeted Shampoos

Ed has been using a caffeine shampoo for a few years, and I recently started to use a strengthening range of haircare, which is meant to help reduce split ends and breakage. There are lots of options out there and, although these shampoos tend to cost a little higher, the results can be worth it.

Regular Haircuts

I am one of those people who will put off having their hair cut for ages, and then when I do go, I’ll have hair in such poor condition that I end up having lots taken off. It’s said that regular cuts will actually help encourage hair growth. Hairdressers recommend booking in a visit every 6-8 weeks, although going a few times a year is my aim.

Limited Use of Heat

Excessive use of heated hair appliances has been known to cause hair breakage and loss. By limiting, or completely cutting out, use of these, hair loss could be limited. I tend to dry ansd straighten my hair when I first wash it, and try to leave it for the next two days before it’s washed again.


Stress is one of the number one causes for hair loss. There have been links between meditation and yoga and decreased hair loss. I know that both Ed and I have been under a lot of pressure lately, and I think that anything that promotes slowing down and relaxing is worth a shot.

Talk to Your Doctor

Although you may not think a doctor can doing anything for hair loss, they might be able to prescribe a topical medication, or suggest supplements which can slow hair loss. Vitamin D is said to help promote hair growth.

Visit a Hair Clinic

For those whose confidence is suffering from severe hair loss, there are dedicated clinics that can offer a more effective solution. Hair transplant results tend to be pretty good, and procedures have come a long way with plenty of options if you want to take action.

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

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