Wedding Wednesday – How to Make Pinterest Work for Your Wedding Plans

Ahhh Pinterest, the place many a bride-to-be heads as soon as the ring is placed onto her finger, only to become overwhelmed within minutes due to the sheer volume of ideas filling the platform when it comes to weddings.

Having planned a fair few weddings, I’ve found Pinterest to be an incredibly useful tool when it comes to the planning process. To avoid having a Pinterest induced planning meltdown, I’ve put together some tips:

Start Several Boards

The first thing I suggest brides to do when heading onto Pinterest for wedding planning is to set up several boards, rather than just one. Think of the areas of your wedding you might want to collate ideas for – Flowers, Dresses, Venues and food, and then start pinning onto the relevant boards. This will avoid one huge board filled with several jumbled ideas.

If you like a couple of different colour schemes or themes it’s also a good idea to divide your boards into these as well, so that you can collate the ideas for each one separately and have a better idea of how your wedding will look for each one.

Be Realistic

One of the biggest issues when using Pinterest as a wedding planning tool is that it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of pinning ideas that are just not achievable on your budget.

Avoid getting carried away by searching for local weddings, rather than those that have taken place in more exotic destinations, and try not to pin anything too extravagant, unless you are happy to compromise on the details for your own big day.

Search Specifics

Pinterest is filled with ideas for all kind of weddings, from intimate backyard ceremonies, to lavish receptions in castles. For every detail of your wedding there are thousands of pins to inspire you.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed, try looking for specific search terms, for example ‘bridal bouquets with forget me nots’ or ‘flower girl gifts‘ in order to reduce the amount of images to look through.

When you search for something, Pinterest automatically suggests further search terms you can add to yours, for example, if you type wedding ideas, it will suggest terms such as ‘on a budget’, ‘unique’ and ‘rustic’ to cut the results down. Another tactic is to use the filter tool to only search for boards or people rather than all pins.

Share with Suppliers

Quite often brides will pin away to their hearts content, coming up with lots of ideas for their wedding, only to never share these with anybody else.

When you meet with suppliers, take along your phone or tablet and show them your ideas and what you like. It is a lot easier to explain you vision if the other person is able to see it in front of them.

Be clear if you want the end result to look just like the images you’ve pinned, or if you are happy for them to use it for inspiration, but be aware that sometimes there will be limitations such as the season you are getting married when it comes to certain flowers, so you may need to be flexible in your choices.

Step Outside

I don’t mean literally, although it’s always a good idea to get some fresh air after a good hard Pinterest session, but make sure you look for inspiration in places other than the site to avoid ending up with a wedding that is anything but ‘unique’.

Pinterest is a great platform to find ideas and get a feel for the kind of wedding you are looking to have, but don’t let your Pinterest dreams overshadow your wedding day reality. Whether it’s ‘Pinterest worthy’ or not, it’s a day for you and your partner, that’s what makes it special for you…

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