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When I was younger, my family would go mostly go on holidays across the UK rather than abroad. My grandparents had timeshare, and we would usually end up at one holiday park or another where they put on entertainment every evening.

I have so many good memories of taking part in quizzes, usually coming in last and winning the infamous ‘wooden spoon’, but always having a good laugh and enjoying it.

When I was contacted by the lovely Megan, social media manager at Ojo Rojo, a Mexican bar & restaurant in the triangle area of Bournemouth, inviting myself and some of the Bournemouth Bloggers along to their weekly quiz night I was very excited!

On the night, Louise and I ended up turning up half an hour early, so we headed straight for the bar and we ordered some drinks before being taken to our table to wait for the rest of our group.

Once they arrived, Megan came over and led us through the cocktail menu, explaining how Ojo Rojo came about following the owner Trevor’s trip to Mexico, where he fell in love with the street food there.

The drinks menu includes cocktails from across the country, with intriguing names and totally elaborate designs (some even have edible decorations). After much deliberation, we chose a cocktail each, and were brought over snacks to enjoy alongside them from the food menu.

Everything looked incredible, the nachos were delicious, and the bread was freshly made and totally moreish.

After we’d eaten and enjoyed our drinks, it was time for the quiz to begin. The quiz master introduced himself and explained the rounds to us. Rather than concentrating just on general knowledge, there was a heavy focus on music, along with some more abstract and practical rounds.

As the evening wore on, our team got more and more competitive, especially when it came to the tin foil round, where we had to create something original using only a sheet of the silver stuff… Sadly our cocktail and nachos design looked better in our heads than it did in real life.

As the quiz came to an end, we were keen to find out how we’d done (although we anticipated it wasn’t very well), and were pleasantly surprised to find we hadn’t come last, but a rather middle of the ground fifth. As there were around 8-10 teams involved, we didn’t think that was too bad. It’s the taking part that counts anyway, right?

At the end of the night, the winning team is given the chance to nominate one of their group to answer a question for a chance to win the jackpot. This can be as small as that night’s entrance fee or can have accumulated across many weeks, depending on how many times it’s rolled over. Unfortunately the guy who went up when we were there didn’t win, but he accepted defeat graciously.

We had a fantastic time at the quiz. For just £1 per person entry, with a first prize of £50 up for grabs, it’s an enjoyable night of entertainment, and we will definitely be back to try our luck another time – that jackpot is too tempting not to!

The Ojo Rojo Quiz nights are on Wednesdays from 8pm.

I was invited down to Ojo Rojo with the Bournemouth Bloggers. We were provided with a complimentary cocktail, entry to the quiz and snacks. All opinions and photos are my own.

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