My Home Interior Design Wishlist

You may have noticed that lately, some of my posts have been talking about how I want to make some changes to our house.

We are in rented accommodation at the moment, so the changes I can make for the time being are fairly minimal, but recently I have been heading onto Pinterest, and making plans for when we are able to buy a house (hopefully within the next year or two).

Now, if you have ever been on Pinterest, you’ll know that you can totally get sucked into things and before you know it, you have a whole board of completely unfeasible ideas, which wouldn’t work for you or your budget!

I’ve been trying to reign myself in and stick to practical designs which we would be able to undertake in our new home. These are the things I have been looking at, and lusting over on the site.

Wood Flooring

One of my biggest issues with where we live at the moment is that, apart from the kitchen, every room in the house is carpeted. It takes me an absolute age to go around with the hoover, and I swear the kids are constantly dropping crumbs straight after I have finished!

I have wanted wood flooring for as long as I can remember. There’s just something so much nicer about it, it looks clean and fresh, especially in living spaces, and I will be adding it to my ‘must haves’ list for the new house.

Open Plan Kitchen

Ed has a major issue with kitchens that are too small, and I have to admit, I can totally see where he’s coming from. The kitchen in our house at the moment is pretty cramped, and it can be hard to have more than one person in there, especially when cooking.

We will definitely be looking for somewhere with a nice big kitchen when we move, and I want to have it very open plan and social in its design. Ed and I really love food, and luckily he is pretty good at cooking, so I want to be able to have some friends over and be able to hang around in the kitchen, with a glass of wine in hand, having a nice catch up whilst the cooking is done.

On my wishlist currently is a wine rack or some other way of displaying wine bottles, a central island and plenty of cupboards and draws so that everything has a place to be stored away.

A Freestanding Bath

Ok, so this one may not be that practical depending on the size of the bathroom when we move, but I really want one! Ed took me away to a little countryside manor guest house in Devon a couple of years ago and they had a roll top bath in the bedroom, and I have wanted a freestanding bath with freestanding taps for myself ever since.

They just look so much more luxurious than regular baths, and it was so nice to lie back and chill in. Plus, think of the instagram shots you could get…

Photo Walls

I love the look of photo walls but we are seriously limited by our rented accommodation on what we can display, as we are not allowed to make holes in the walls.

I cannot wait until we have our own place and are able to put up as many prints and photos as we want. I already have plans for a motivational display by my desk, and family shots perhaps leading up the stairs. Can’t wait!

A Book Nook

I love the idea of having a space dedicated to reading. I have loved reading and writing since a young age, and I am passionate about encouraging the children to read as much as possible too.

Having somewhere made for curling up with a good book would be a dream come true. I will be adding a shelving unit for current reads, snuggly blankets, cushions and a candle, to create the tranquil space I am envisaging.

Do you have any other ideas for home improvements I should consider?

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

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