Why I Welcome Smear Tests (and so Should You) 

Back when I was pregnant I received a letter through the post to tell me I was due a smear test. Obviously I couldn’t have it done whilst pregnant but, three months after having Benjamin, I was able to. So, last week whilst having my coil fitted (we do not want a fourth baby anytime soon and I have zero trust in the pill), I also had my second smear test. 

I can honestly say that for me, at least, I barely felt a thing. It was over within a minute and now I know that I have had it done and hopefully if anything were wrong they would have picked it up early enough to help me.

I spoke to the doctor about those who choose not to have them done for whatever reason and I was happy to hear that those rates have decreased over the past ten years. 

The death of Jade Goody from cervical cancer shocked many and I know that it made me more aware of the importance for smear tests. Having had two of my children by the time I was old enough to have a smear test done I was very concerned when I finally was eligible, and I do strongly believe that the age should be lowered as many girls are sexually active from around their mid teens. 

If you’ve been invited for your first smear and are worried, please don’t be. It is a short procedure, which will be mildly uncomfortable but over quickly. It is no more invasive than sex and is routinely carried out everyday by staff who are trained to be as gentle as possible. If you’ve had a baby, it’s likely that you’ll have been through much worse down there, and a smear will be a walk in the park in comparison. 

My mum had abnormal cells picked up during a routine smear test several years ago and luckily they were lasered off and, following more regular tests for a few years, she was given the all clear. If they hadn’t of been picked up, things could have ended differently. 
A smear test could save your life, so don’t put it off and book yours today. 

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7 thoughts on “Why I Welcome Smear Tests (and so Should You) 

  1. Something About Baby

    Very well said! They are so important, and not a bother at all. I had my letter through last week and the biggest challenge for me is getting through on the phone to book an appointment! Now all booked in for a few weeks and then it will be over for another few years.


  2. modernmum82

    I couldn’t agree more, well said xx


  3. Living Life Our Way

    This is such an important topic and your post is really reassuring! Katie x


  4. Babies and Beauty

    Such an important post Emma. I literally got my letter through a couple of weeks ago and have booked my appointment. I think once you’ve had a baby, a smear doesn’t seem so daunting. And I think even if it was super invasive and painful, is it worth the consequences of not getting it? Absolutely not.


  5. ClaireBearx

    YES! I’ve always thought it super important to have a smear test done and I was so glad that I received the letter for my first ever one after bear was born. It’s honestly not that bad compared to the thought of receiving slightly negative results. Even the worry itself is worse xx


  6. Devon Mama

    So timely, I got my letter through yesterday! The thought of having a smear test before made me quite nervous but I never considered not having it done. I think you’re right about the shock of someone young and famous like Jade Goody making a difference to people. It shouldn’t be something we put off.


  7. Mums Space (@MumsSpaceTara)

    Such an important post! Ive had 2 children and I’m not yet eligible to have one, I really think the age should be lowered.


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