Mummy Mondays – Getting our Bottle on with Tommee Tippee

Just before Christmas the lovely people at Tommee Tippee sent us some things from their range for baby Benjamin. As he’s now 3 months old, although I’m still breastfeeding, I am wanting to be out and about a little more, and this means I’ve been expressing more often.

Benjamin hasn’t taken very well to bottles in the past, as he much prefers the skin to skin contact that comes with breastfeeding, however, the Tommee Tippee Ultra bottle has been just what we needed to make combined breastfeeding and expressed milk bottle feeding easier for everyone involved!

This bottle has a sloped teat, which mimics the shape of a breast, which along with it being made from a soft moveable silicon material, allows for a smooth transition between the two forms of feeding. The 260ml bottle is nice and big, and feels fairly robust and hard wearing.

We were also sent the brilliant Tommee Tippee microwave steam steriliser. I have always loved microwave sterilisers and have used them for all three of my children as I can’t stand the faff of the traditional style of sterilisers with the tablets.

This steriliser is so quick and simple to use, although I would like to point out that as microwaves are not all built the same size, it’s always worth checking yours is big enough before making a purchase.

The instructions are totally fool proof and all you need to do is add water from the tap, put the pre-washed bottles/dummies onto the built in rack, pop on the lid and shove it in the microwave and hey presto, freshly sterilised bottles ready to be used.

As a busy mum of three I love how quick I can sterilise things. It means that even with a crying baby wanting a feed I can still make sure everything is clean and sterile ready to express a bottle alongside his feed!

As Benjamin grows I’m glad that our breastfeeding journey can continue thanks to innovative products such as these from trusted brands like Tommee Tippee.
Do you use any Tommee Tippee products? Are there any you would recommend we try next? 

These products were sent to us for the purpose of review, however all views are my own. 

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9 thoughts on “Mummy Mondays – Getting our Bottle on with Tommee Tippee

  1. Kirsty Dee

    Had the same stuff with my daughter ♥


  2. Rachel Bee (@RachelAnne_Bee)

    The tommee tippee prep machine is literally one of the best inventions,so we do love the brand although our bottles are Dr Browns. We also have a microwave steriliser and it is so easy to use.


  3. Nadine

    I love Tommie Tippee. We use the plug in steam steriliser which is also so simple to use. We also use the milk express machine, which is a godsend in the early hours of the morning!


  4. Emily and Indiana

    We’re lovers of Tommee Tippee too, such a fab brand! xx


  5. Babies and Beauty

    Tommee Tippee are always are absolute go to and have been with both boys!


  6. Lucie from

    Aw we love our tommee tippee perfect prep machine, we had tried using the bottles but are using mam ones now 🙂 xx


  7. Something About Baby

    We were lucky that Alfie took to the first bottle we tried when I had to express to give him milk, but these look like a great option if we have problems in future babies taking a bottle!


  8. Amy | All Things Amy

    We love Tommee Tippee products! We haven’t used any feeding equipment as My little man refused to take a bottle! I haven’t bothered since but now we’re weaning we love the steamer! Great post.


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