Ten Things That Happen During a House Move 

Last weekend we moved house from a maisonette above a busy road to a proper 3 bedroom house on a cul-de-sac.

It was a move that was a long time coming and totally necessary but my word was it stressful! Moving house with children is not fun. Moving with a 3 month old baby is a nightmare! 

So whether you’re planning a house move yourself soon or you just fancy a laugh, here are ten things bound to happen when you move… 

1. You’ll think you have everything organised and ready to load into the removal van. It’ll only be a couple of trips maximum and then the place will be empty you think. That evening you’ll go back for the fourth time to pick up a random collection of items including a couple of puzzle pieces you’re sure you’ll need one day, the sky tv remote you lost down the back of the sofa that time and a feather duster you’ve never seen before and wonder where it could have been hiding. 
2. You’ll hire removal men for 3 hours thinking that’s more than enough time… 5 hours later you’ll realise you were mistaken 
3. On moving day you’ll go to pick up the keys, convinced that something will go wrong and you won’t be able to get the house for some reason or other. When they do hand over the keys you’ll be so relieved that you’ll sign paperwork and come away not knowing what you actually signed… 
4. Something will break. It’ll probably be your spirit at around 11pm when you haven’t managed to put much away and consequently trip over boxes on your way to the toilet 
5. You’ll look around at all your possessions and wonder how on earth anyone ever needs or uses this much stuff?! You’ll vow to sort through it and throw half of it out. Then you’ll get caught up in having the place ‘straight’ as soon as possible and end up just shoving said stuff in a drawer not to be seen until you move again 
6. You’ll unpack the kitchen and find a home for the plates, bowls and glassware that you only use ‘for best’. As far as you’re aware they’ve only been used once for that sophisticated dinner party you had with your friends when you ordered an Indian takeaway from up the road…

7. You’ll be given a bunch of flowers and frantically hunt for a vase so you can put them in water. You’ll decide you must have fresh flowers all the time to help make your house look homely. You’ll remember about them two weeks later and find them looking rather sad and dead… 
8. The most important thing will be getting internet and you’ll happily tap in the wi-fi code and breathe a sigh of relief as soon as you’re connected. How did we live before the internet?! 
9. You’ll shop around for the cheapest energy supplier and end up going for the one with no fixed contract because nobody needs that level of commitment. 
10. You’ll become totally house proud and frantically hoover and dust the house before your first proper visitors come round. You’ll greet them at the front door with ‘please take your shoes off’ and you’ll vow to never eat in any room other than the dining room, to clean the bathroom without fail every weekend and to never let that drawer get as unruly as it was in your last place… One month later all rules will have been forgotten and the drawer of doom will be worse than ever…

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5 thoughts on “Ten Things That Happen During a House Move 

  1. Lindsey

    Some great tips here, Im thinking of also moving, but every little help and support I can get is much needed! But yo are so right, my first thing would be INTERNET lol!



  2. katykicker

    Haha – number 7 happens to me all the time. Oops!


  3. Nadine

    Number 8 is definitely me! I don’t think I could cope without it. And, I do often look at the things I’ve acquired in the 5 years we’ve lived here and wonder how I’ve managed to collect so much stuff. This was our first house so we moved in with only a few boxes of possessions, luckily. We’d have our work cut out if we were to move again!


  4. ClaireBearx

    We’re yet to move house but I can’t imagine it will be an easy one haha! Moving from my mums into our rented house now took long enough, honestly, I never realised I had so much crap haha!

    Claire xx


  5. Babies and Beauty

    I think I did every single one of these when we moved. Always thought I’d packed everything and just had some ‘last little bits’. Turns out last little bits can be actually A LOT


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