Planning a Trip to Disneyland for a 30th Birthday

Ok, so as you probably know, I am turning 30 in just a couple of months at the beginning of May. I had been torn when it came to making a decision on how to celebrate this milestone birthday, as I had so many things I would like to do, but it simply wasn’t feasible to do some of them (Santorini, for example, was not only out of budget, but also wouldn’t have worked logistically either). In the end, after much deliberating, Ciara and I finally booked a little trip to Disneyland over my birthday and I am so excited!

If Ed and I hadn’t just taken the children to Disney over New Year, I wouldn’t have booked a trip without them, but ultimately, it made sense to have a quick trip during term time, saving money and allowing me to fully revert back into a child for a couple of days before I embark on the next decade.

Ciara is the best person to book a trip to Disneyland with as she has been so many times before. I have been a handful of times as an adult, and plenty of times as a child, but Ciara is a total expert when it comes to everything Disney and I am confident we will not only fit everything into our short trip, but also have an amazing time together celebrating as Ciara is so much fun!

Not only that, but Ciara has managed to get us an amazing hotel for our stay. As she has an annual pass, she gets a discount on hotel stays. The discounts aren’t guaranteed, and availability is limited, so I was over the moon when she was able to book us into the Newport Bay Club at under £80 each for the night! I have always wanted to stay at the hotel, more than the Disney hotel itself, as it looks so classy, and I am unbelievably excited now I know that this is where I will be waking up on my 30th birthday.

As for our itinerary, I am not a huge fan of the big rides, and won’t be going on anything too daring, mainly sticking to my favourites – Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World (sadly Phantom Manor opens back up after a huge refurbishment just a week or so after we go, which is such a shame), but I have let Ciara persuade me to give Big Thunder Mountain a go (eek!) and I am sure we will fit in at least one parade as Ciara is a massive fan of them!

I am looking forward to some warmer weather, hopefully, compared to my last trip at the end of December, and I know we will end up taking all the photos. Although I am turning thirty, I have never actually been abroad on holiday with a friend, having always gone with family or a partner before, so it will be a real experience to share such a milestone birthday with my best friend.

I will be celebrating back home as well, but I am excited to be in my happy place for my 30th birthday – it truly is a dream come true!

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4 thoughts on “Planning a Trip to Disneyland for a 30th Birthday

  1. Ciara

    I’m so excited to be sharing your birthday with you and in one of our favourite places!
    Love you x


    1. Emma

      Me too!! Love you too xx


  2. Steph Curtis

    Big Thunder Mountain is our favourite ride! I’m sure you will be won over by it 🙂 And fab hotel to stay in – you’re going to have an amazing birthday! x


    1. Emma

      Thank you ☺️ x


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