My 5 Go-To Fragrances

I only ever used to wear one perfume at a time when I was younger. I would like having a signature scent, that people would know me by, and it would usually be something by Christina Aguilera (I know, I know, what can I say, I was a 90’s child growing up). As I have grown up and my tastes have matured, I have taken to having several perfumes on the go at any one time, allowing me to change my scent depending on the occasion, or my mood that day. These are my current 5 go-to fragrances.

Lady Million – Paco Rabanne

This is probably my absolute favourite scent at the moment, and the perfume bottle I would save from a fire. I wear it when I go out to events, as it makes me feel strong and confident, and I will give myself a spritz of it if I am feeling a little tense or anxious during the day as well. This is one of the perfumes that I ask for at Christmas or my birthday when I am running low, as I like to have it to hand and use it the most often out of my fragrances.

Miss Dior – Dior

A lady of rather expensive taste when it comes to fragrance these days, I wore this scent on our wedding day in Santorini and I generally save this one for special occasions such as our anniversary, Christmas and birthdays. It reminds me of the blue skies of Greece, and makes me smile every time I spritz it on.

Blossom – Jimmy Choo

This is a relatively new scent compared to the previous two, and one I usually wear during the day time as it is lighter and fresher than the others. I love the bottle – it’s so sweet and girly and looks lovely on my dressing table. This perfume reminds me of when I was younger, and I like to wear it to cheer myself up when I am feeling a little low. It’s probably the lightest of the fragrances in this list, and definitely more of a daytime scent.

J’Adore – Dior

This is one of my favourite perfumes of all time. It just smells incredible, and I love wearing it as it makes me feel powerful, womanly and seductive. For this reason, I wear this scent mostly for date nights with Ed, although I have sometimes spritzed it on after a bath, when I want to properly feel pampered. This is another perfume that I will keep repurchasing as I love it so much.

Elegance – Seksy

This is a fairly new fragrance, and was actually gifted to me to feature in my upcoming Mother’s Day Gift Guide, but I couldn’t resist spraying it on myself when it arrived in the post and I fell in love. It is lovely and fresh, fairly light whilst also being long-lasting, and the bottle is gorgeous, with a swarvozki gem charm around the neck. I wore this when I went out for a family occasion recently and felt relaxed and happy, so I think this will soon become a firm favourite and a contender for my everyday fragrance.

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