Budget Date Night Ideas 

So it turns out that going from full time to self employed at the same time as saving for a wedding means not having very much cash for anything else. 

I’m a firm believer that it’s important to still find some quality time as a couple, especially when there are children involved. 


Last night my mum kindly had the children overnight so that Ed and I were able to have a date night. As money is tight, I used my meerkat movies app (which I’ve not used once in nearly a year, what a waste!) to get one free cinema ticket and we went to see The Boy.  

We avoided the costly snacks at the cinema and instead of a takeaway or meal out alongside the film, we cooked a meal at home beforehand. It was still a lovely evening and it only set us back £10. The film was actually pretty good and had a twist we didn’t see coming. Here are my other ideas for a date night which won’t break the bank.. 

1. Carpet Picnic 
This is actually my favourite date night, possibly because I actually don’t like being in crowded places and prefer to chill out in my PJs at home. For this all you need to do is head out to the supermarket and pick up your favourite meal (or just snacks if you want to go for a proper picnic). If you fancy watching something new you could get a DVD (they often have a range from £3) or you could find something on TV. Alcohol is optional. Blankets, pillows and snuggles are not. Bliss. 

2. Voucher Meal 

Going for a romantic meal doesn’t need to be a massive cost. I’m in the habit of searching around for vouchers for the restaurant I’m going to online. More often than not I find something and it can make a big difference to the overall price. 

3. Couples Game Night 

Invite one or two other couples around and have a game night, either traditional board games or alernatively video games. You can provide the snacks and drinks or to save even more money, ask everyone to bring along their own. 

4. Saver Spa 

Going to a spa together is the perfect way to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. The price tag is sometimes pretty steep. As a budget option, why not head to your local pool together. Often they have a steam room, sauna and jacuzzi providing all you need to pamper yourselves. If you fancy a massage, why not have a look online for special offers. Sites like Groupon and Wowcher tend to have good deals if you buy and book in advance. 

5. Value Activity 

Groupon and Wowcher are also brilliant places to find deals for something a little different for your date. How about searching for something like horse riding, a murder mystery dinner or enrolling on a course together. 

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