Mini Beauty Review – Essence Eyeshadow 

Ok so I have like a massive backlog of beauty reviews I want/need to do after a big (well, big for me, probably tiny for most) beauty shop I did on my return from Devon last week. However, I just had to shove this one to the top of the waiting list because this little gem cost me *drumroll* £1.00! Yes, one measly pound that even I can afford when massively budgeting for the wedding.

I heard about the Essence makeup range whilst reading Cosmo. They were discussing how good the nudes palette was (which I can confirm, having tested it in the shop, is pretty damn amazing).

As I already own both Naked2 and Naked3, I didn’t really feel I could justify getting another nudes palette (even if it is only £4.00!), but when I saw this gorgeous neutral shade (shade 18 – appropriately named All I Need) on its own, I figured £1 could totally be justified.

The pigmentation is really, really good – especially for the low price. It doesn’t feel cheap or nasty to apply as I’ve found with some cheaper brand eyeshadows, and it has just the right amount of shimmer to look good but be ok to wear everyday to work. I’m seriously impressed.

The Essence range can be found in Wilkinsons (is it just called Wilko now? I forget) and with products this cheap, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from trying it out!

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