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I have been self-conscious about my smile for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was backwards and forwards constantly from the dentist. I had numerous fillings and an overcrowded mouth, which meant I had to have an operation under general anaesthetic to remove several of my teeth. After this, I then had a brace, which made my teeth straighter, but also made me avoid smiling with my mouth open as I thought it looked ugly.

Even after my brace was removed, I still couldn’t smile showing my teeth without feeling self-conscious. When my wisdom teeth came in a few years later, they pushed my mouth around all over again. Luckily most of my teeth stayed fairly straight, but my front teeth overlap slightly, and it gives me a bit of a crooked smile, which means I mostly smile with my mouth shut, even all these years later.

I attend a lot of events as part of my job as a full time blogger and running the Bournemouth Bloggers, and I often have photos taken at these events, and for my Instagram. I hate how self-conscious I am about my smile, as it prevents me from being natural when I know a camera is pointed in my direction.

When Instasmile got in touch asking if I would like to try out their clip on veneers, I was hesitant, mainly as I had never really heard of clip-on veneers, only the permeant ones, when your own teeth need to be filed down (which sounds horrible). Luckily the clip-on veneers from Instasmile don’t require anything invasive at all. They simply clip on top of your own teeth and you are good to go!

Instasmile offer two styles – Classic and Platinum. The main difference between the two styles is the classic is for occasional use, whilst the platinum can be worn everyday. You can also eat and drink anything whilst wearing the Platinum, but some harder foods are off limits with the Classic.

The Instasmile website is really user friendly. A simple quiz helps you check clip on veneers will be suitable and decide which style is right for you. You can choose different shades depending on personal preference. I love that there are pictures of people with different skin tones to help your decision. I went with the Classic style in shade A1, as I have struggled to find a teeth whitening product that works for me and this way I would get a brighter smile as well as a straighter one!

Once you have ordered your veneers, you are sent the impression kit. It is important you read through the instructions before you start, as there are strict timings to stick to for it to work. It was a little daunting, but the instructions are really thorough, and you can also watch some examples online too. Before sending the impression kit back off, you need to email across photos to check that your impression will be accepted. This is a really quick process, and if you do need to redo the impression, you can have another kit sent out.

The process takes a little longer at this point, as all the veneers are made to order, based on your own impressions. The company keep you up to date with everything, sending emails to let you know your impression kit has been received and when your order is on its way to you. The veneers came in a lovely presentation box, with a little mirrored case inside to hold your veneers when they are not being used. The veneers also came in a little plastic wallet, which had a sticker on explaining they had been disinfected and were ready to use right away.

The instructions are really clear on how to put the veneers on, take them off and care for them. Putting them on was so simple, and once in, they felt nice and secure. You do have a slight lisp when you first wear them, whilst you get used to the different size of your teeth, but this does go away the more you wear them.

Removing the veneers was a little trickier as I didn’t want to break them. The instructions do explain how to do this, but they felt so secure, I wasn’t confident I would get them off. Luckily you get used to this, and there is definitely a knack to it! It is a little messy as you will dribble a bit doing this, so probably best to do it in private to avoid any embarrassment.

Wearing the veneers has given me so much more confidence! I love that they just clip on, and the results are there immediately. I can wear them whenever I want, and take them back out again after I have finished. The biggest difference is my smile. I love how my teeth look with the veneers on, and it makes me want to smile with my mouth open again! This has been amazing for my confidence! You can take a look at a video I made about the veneers on my YouTube Channel.

I was gifted the Instasmile Classic clip on veneers, however all words and images are my own. 

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