Monday Musings – 10 Things You Might Not Know about Me

Writing a blog, exposing my deepest, darkest thoughts to the Internet means that readers tend to get to know me fairly well. Still, there are some things that don’t come up in everyday conversation, things that make me who I am. I thought it might be interesting to share ten things about me that you might not already know… 

1. I have 8 tattoos and am planning at least 2 more 
2. I studied events management at Bournemouth university and managed to graduate along with the rest of my year despite having Cameron a week before my 4th and final year started 

3. I’ve never broken a bone, but I’m extremely accident prone and have ended up in a & e more times than I can remember. Some of the times that stand out are when my back went when I was in sixth form and I was wheeled through the school on gas and air in a straight jacket looking absolutely crazy, the time I shut my hand in between a toilet door and a toilet roll holder at work and the time I thought I was in premature labour when pregnant with Carly. I was in the Dorchester countryside and an ambulance that came to get me ended up getting stuck, meaning a second ambulance had to come and rescue us – drama, drama, drama!

4. My first job was at a conservative club as a waitress, shortly followed by a sales assistant job at marks and Spencer’s and then a 2.5 year stint for new look 

5. I had ten teeth taken out under general anaesthetic when I was younger and have had a brace  
6. I had my first son, Cameron when I was 21. He was 8 days overdue and I had to be induced when my waters broke but contractions didn’t start. He was 6’9 and born on 13th September 2010. My daughter, Carly, was born 4 days late on 16th November 2012 when I was 23. My established labour was 4 hours and she was born weighing 7’15.5. My third baby, a boy, is due on 18th October this year, I’ll be 27 

7. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris many times but disneyworld Florida only once. Disney is my happy place 

8. I’ve been blogging since 2010 when I had Cameron. My love for writing goes a lot further back though and I wrote my first short story when I was just 14 years old. My dream is to have a book published and I would ultimately love to write for a wedding magazine 

9. My favourite films are Basic Instinct and Wild Things. I love psychological thrillers (and psychology in general) 

10. Ed proposed with a treasure hunt. I had to find cards, follow clues and answer questions which led me to him in our restaurant where he produced one final card and a ring. It’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me 

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